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Hello, I am Bon Kurosawa.
I live with my family in Tokyo.
My wife and I have two sons. I am an ordinary Japanese who wish for happiness of my family.

I have been working as a staff writer for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (NIKKEI), the world's largest economic newspaper, for 31 years. During that period, I wrote various articles in Tokyo, Osaka, and Matsue city, Shimane prefecture. At the Tokyo headquarters, I worked as an editor in the department in charge of cultural related articles and the department in charge of lifestyle related. And I also experienced editor-in chief of visual media about Japan.

I like adventure. I love to challenge new things. So I left NIKKEI and changed to a venture company in Shibuya, Tokyo, where I gained new experience as a web writer.

Taking advantage of these many experiences, I am managing this website. This site is still immature and I do not have much editing ability, but I will spend a lot of time to improve the quality of the articles. I wish to make it a useful site for you.

Just as every country in the world has a wonderful life and culture, Japan has a wonderful life and culture. I do not think that Japan is a particularly wonderful country. Rather, I would like to receive advice from people all over the world to improve Japanese life and culture. However, I have interviewed a lot about Japan so far. So, I would like to tell you about Japan and, as a result, I would like to build even a little peaceful relationship.

I have visited so many countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States so far. I know well that people all over the world work sincerely and protect their families everyday. I am worried that many people are tired from hard work. If you feel uneasy, please come and travel to Japan. And refresh your mind and body. I am really happy if my little site is useful for you.


I appreciate you reading to the end.


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