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About me

Hello, I'm Bon Kurosawa.
I live with my family in Tokyo.
My wife and I have two sons. I 'm an ordinary Japanese person who wishes for happiness for my family.

I have been working as a staff writer for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (NIKKEI), the world's largest economic newspaper, for 31 years. During that period, I wrote various articles in Tokyo, Osaka, and Matsue city, Shimane prefecture. At the Tokyo headquarters, I worked as an editor in the department in charge of cultural related articles and the department in charge of lifestyle related topics. I am also experienced editor-in chief of visual media regarding Japan.

I like adventure. I love to challenge new things. This is why I left NIKKEI and changed to a venture company in Shibuya, Tokyo, where I gained new experience as a web writer.

Using the large amount of experience I have I am now managing this website. This site is still a work in progress and I do not have much editing ability but I will spend a lot of time to improve the quality of the articles you can find here. My goal is to make a site that is useful to you, the reader.

Just as every country in the world has a unique culture, Japan has a wonderful lifestyle and
culture of its own. I do not think that Japan is too extraordinary when you think of what other countries around the world can also offer. Rather, I would like to receive advice from people all over the world to improve Japanese life and culture. I have conducted many interviews and gathered a lot of information about Japan. The results of which I would like to share with you and build a peaceful relationship between cultures.

After visiting many countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and even the United States, I know well
that people all over the world work hard for their families every day. I’m a bit worried that people can work too hard and forget to take time for themselves. If you feel uneasy, please come and travel Japan to refresh your mind and body. I’d be really happy if this site can help you achieve that.


I appreciate you reading to the end.



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