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Spring is approaching. White plum blossoms blooming in Tokyo, Japan. Next is the cherry blossoms!

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2019 Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast: slightly earlier or same as usual

Today, I will introduce the cherry blossom forecast of 2019. It is now winter in Japan. However, in Tokyo, plum blossoms began to bloom first. I feel that spring is approaching gradually. Now, the Japanese are starting to feel excited, feeling spring is near. Cherry blossoms are expected to be a little earlier or the same as usual. Please also refer to the following articles for Japanese cherry blossoms.   Summary If you click on this image, the site of Japan Weather Association (in Japanese) will be displayed on a separate page According to the forecast released by the Japan Weather Association on February 7, the cherry blossoms will start flowering from Fukuoka and Kumamoto on March 19. It will flower in Nagasaki and Saga, Kochi on March 21, and Tokyo and Matsuyama on 22th. It will bloom in a wide range from west Japan to eastern Japan by the end of March. In Hokuriku, Nagano and Tohoku regions, there are many places to bloom from early April to mid-April. And on April 29th it will flower in Hakodate, Hokkaido. The forecast for each region announced by the Japan Weather Association is as follows. The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in about a week after blooming. You can enjoy cherry blossoms for about 10 days after flowering.   Kyushu Region: Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 Isshingyo Sakura Tree, Aso Kumamoto Japan = shutterstock Map of Kyushu = shutterstock Forecast flowering Average Year Fukuoka City March 19 March 23 Oita City March 24 March 24 Nagasaki ...

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Best Cherry Blossom Spots and Season in Japan! Hirosaki Castle, Mt.Yoshino...

On this page, I will introduce sightseeing spots with beautiful cherry blossoms. Because Japanese people plant cherry blossoms here and there, it is very difficult to decide the best area. On this page, I will introduce you to the areas where travelers from foreign countries can enjoy Japanese emotions with cherry blossoms. Please also refer to the following articles for Japanese cherry blossoms. Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan Japanese really like cherry blossoms. In Japan, cherry blossoms bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April except cold areas such as Hokkaido and Tohoku area. As the cherry blossoms are scattered soon, the Japanese will lay a seat under the cherry tree as soon as the cherry blossoms, sitting on top of it and holding a party. If you visit Japan when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you will find sight of such parties here and there. Cherry blossoms start to bloom in order from the south of Japan. Cherry blossoms in the northern part of the Tohoku region and Hokkaido are in late April to early May. So, if you come to Japan, you should go to the region where cherry blossoms are blooming at that time. Please try chasing the cherry blossoms!   Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture) Cherry blossoms at the Hirosaki Castle Park in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan Hirosaki is a very beautiful city in the northern part of the Tohoku region. In the center of this town there is Hirosaki Castle, which is famous for its cherry ...

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