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Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama, Japan. It is one of the oldest hot springs in the country = Shutterstock



Ehime Prefecture! Best Attractions and Things to do

Ehime prefecture is a large area spreading northwest of Shikoku Island. Many old Japanese are left here. In Matsuyama City, the center of this area, you can enjoy bathing in an amazing hot spring facility. There is also Matsuyama castle where old wooden buildings remain in Matsuyama. Go south of this area, you can watch the wild mountains and the ocean. Outline of Ehime Map of Ehime Points Ehime Prefecture is situated in the northwestern portion of Shikoku. The climate is mild and warm, and it is rich in the nature. It is surrounded by Seto Inland Sea, and Shikoku Mountains Range. Ehime prefecture is divided into three areas. The eastern side is the temperate area facing the Seto Inland Sea. Here is the "Shimanemi Kaido" bridge connecting Okayama Prefecture on the other side of the Seto Inland Sea. A road for bicycles is maintained at this bridge. From this bridge you will be able to see the peaceful Seto Inland Sea. The central part of Ehime prefecture is the area centered around Matsuyama city. There are many famous sights such as Matsuyama castle and Dogo Onsen here. Finally, in the southwestern part of Ehime prefecture, old Japanese countryside is left. Nature is rich, and the sea is also beautiful. Access Airport Ehime Prefecture has Matsuyama Airport. This airport is located 6 kilometers west from the center of Matsuyama city. At this airport, scheduled flights are operated with the following airports. International flights Seoul / Incheon Shanghai / Pudong Domestic flights Sapporo / Shin Chitose ...

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