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Recommended Japanese Local Site! Central Japan (Chubu)

Now, let's introduce more and more! t Next are sites related to the Chubu region (Mt. Fuji etc.) and the Kansai region (There are Kyoto, Nara, Osaka etc.!). Please find more information on each site.

Chubu region related website

MT. Fuji

There are three recommended sites for MT. Fuji as follows. First of all, if you want to climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji in the summer, please refer to the official website first. Next, for general tourism, I recommend the second site. It is the official site of Yamanashi Prefecture on the north side of Mt. Fuji. I think that Mt. Fuji is the most beautiful in the north now. Indeed, many tourists go to the north side area such as Lake Kawaguchiko. If you approach Mt. Fuji from the south, please refer to the official website of Shizuoka Prefecture, which I listed third below.
>> For Mt.Fuji climbing, please refer to this site
>> For information on the northern side of Mt.Fuji please visit this site
>> For information on the south side of Mt.Fuji please visit this site


For information on sightseeing spots in Nagano Prefecture such as Hakuba and Matsumoto, please refer to the following website. That is the site of tourism department in Nagano prefecture.
>> For tourist information in Nagano prefecture please see this site


Kanazawa city in Ishikawa Prefecture on the side of the Sea of Japan is a wonderful city where traditional cityscapes and culture are left. Regarding Kanazawa, I recommend the following official website.
>> For tourist information of kanazawa please visit this site


For the Shirakawago which is very popular among foreign tourists, the official website of Shirakawa-go Tourist Association is useful.
>> Here is the official website of Shirakawa-go Tourist Association


Kansai region related website


There are many sightseeing information sites about Kyoto. Among them, the official site of Kyoto is below.
>> The official website of Kyoto City Tourism Association is here


Regarding Nara, I recommend "Visit Nara Japan" operated by a tourist office in Nara Prefecture. This site provides detailed sightseeing information not only for Nara City but also for sightseeing spots in southern part of Nara Prefecture such as Mt. Yoshino and Odaigahara.
>> The official website of Visit Nara Japan is here


In Osaka there is the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau established by Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City. "OSAKA INFO" operated by this organization is useful. This site, including the latest event information, introduces Osaka in detail.
>> OSAKA INFO is here.


In Kobe there is a website "Feel KOBE" established by local leading companies and municipalities. On this site, you can get tourist spots, gourmet and accommodation information of Kobe and its surrounding areas.
>> Feel KOBE is here


Regarding Koyasan in Wakayama prefecture, there is a website "Welcome to KOYASAN" which is operated by Shukubo, in Koyasan. If you visit this site, you can get knowledge about Koyasan in addition to accommodation information at Koyasan.
>> Welcome to KOYASAN is here


I appreciate you reading to the end.


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