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Recommended sites! Japanese restaurants and festivals

On this page, I introduce sites of so many genres, including restaurants related sites. The link below is useful even when you want to get information about Japanese festivals and attractions, when you want to know Japanese news and weather forecasts, and even if you are interested in Japanese subculture. Please do use it.

Restaurant related site


GURUNAVI is the leading restaurant guide site in Japan. It has detailed information on individual restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pub) etc.
>> The official website of GURUNAVI is here


HOT PEPPER is a popular restaurant guide site along with the above GURUNAVI. It also has detailed information on individual restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pubs) etc.
>> The official website of HOT PEPPER is here


favy is also a site that introduces Japanese restaurants. Although it is not as major as the above GURUNAVI and HOT PEPPER, it is a site that makes it easy for foreign tourists to understand.
>> The official website of favy is here


For those who want to know about Japanese food culture, I recommend the following site.

SHUN GATE is introducing about delicious food in the region of Japan. This site is very interesting.
>> The official website of SHUN GATE is here


Festival and attraction information site


JAPAN ATTRACTIONS provides up-to-date information on Japanese events such as festivals and illuminations. When you go to Japan, please collect information on this site, which events will be held in various parts of Japan.
>> The official website of JAPAN ATTRACTIONS is here


Weather forecast site

Japan Meteorological Agency

The latest weather forecast in Japan is obtained from the Japan Meteorological Agency site.
>> The official site of the Japan Meteorological Agency is here



Nikkei Asian Review

The Nikkei Asian Review is an economic information website operated by Nikkei, a major Japanese economic newspaper. Unfortunately, Nikkei Asian Review is not an English version of Nikkei. It is a new media covering economic information throughout Asia. In order to view contents, you must become a paid member. However, you can read some articles.
>> The official website of Nikkei Asian Review is here

Japan Today

Japan Today is a media to introduce about Japan from a foreigner's point of view. This medium is managed by GPlusMedia of Fuji Sankei group which is a major media in Japan. In addition to Japan Today, GPlusMedia operates very interesting sites from the perspective of foreigners. I would like people who plan to live in Japan to read them.
>> The official website of Japan Today is here

Japan Times

The Japan Times is the most famous Japanese newspaper written in English. On the Japan Times site, you can read a lot of high quality articles.
>> The official website of the Japan Times is here


Subculture information site

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode is a site that provides information on Japanese pop culture such as manga and animation. A lot of pictures are also posted. This site is very enjoyable.
>> Official site of Tokyo Otaku Mode is here


Girls pop culture information site

Tokyo Girls' Update

If you are interested in pop culture of Japanese girls such as fashion and cosplay, I recommend this Tokyo Girls' Update. The latest information is posted in real time, so please check it before coming to Japan.
>> Official website of Tokyo Girls' Update is here


I appreciate you reading to the end.


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