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Related sites of airplanes, railroads, buses and taxis that are useful in Japan travel

If you decide to go to Japan, you'd better gather information on airlines and railways (especially about Japan Rail Pass), buses, taxis, etc., as well as hotels, on related sites. Please let me introduce these important websites on this page.

Transport related sites

Route information sites "HyperDia"

HyperDia is a very encouraging site when you search for routes in Japan. It also supports smartphones. Please visit this site and search for it.
>> The official site of HyperDia is here


Traditional full service carriers (FSC)


JAL (Japan Airlines) is Japan's leading airline with ANA below. It operates regular flights all over Japan.
>> The official website of JAL is here


ANA (All Nippon Airways) is Japan's leading airline with JAL. At airports in Japan, regular flights are being operated either by JAL or ANA.
>> The official website of ANA is here

Star flyer

Star flyer is an airline based in Kitakyushu Airport in Fukuoka prefecture, Kyushu. Star flyer fare is relatively cheap, but it is not LCC. ANA is a capital participant in Star Flyer.
>> Click here for official website of Star flyer

Solaseed Air

Solaseed Air is an airline company headquartered in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu. Solaseed Air fare is also relatively cheap, but it is not LCC. ANA also has capital participation in Solaseed Air.
>> Click Here for Solaseed Air's official website

Low-cost carriers (LCC)

Jetstar Japan

Jetstar Japan is Japan's largest Low-cost carrier (LCC). Qantas Airlines of Australia, Japan Airlines, etc. have capital participation.
>> Click here for official website of Jetstar Japan

Peach Aviation

Peach Aviation is the ANA Group's low-cost carrier (LCC). It is operating the regular flights under the name "Peach". Peach is mainly based in Kansai Airport.
>> Peach's official website is here

Vanilla Air

Vanilla Air is the ANA Group's low-cost carrier (LCC). It is based in Narita Airport. Vanilla Air will be integrated with Peach Aviation in October 2019.
>> The official website of Vanilla Air is here

AirAsia Japan

AirAsia Japan is the low-cost carrier (LCC) of the AirAsia Group in Malaysia. It is based in Chubu International International Sky (Nagoya).
>> The official website of AirAsia Japan is here

Spring Airlines Japan

Spring Airlines Japan is the low-cost carrier (LCC) of the Spring Airlines group in China. It is based in Narita Airport.
>> The official website of Spring Airlines Japan is here

Railway companies

Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass is a pass that JR Group (old Japanese state railway) provides for foreign tourists. With this Japan Rail Pass, you can use the JR Group's Shinkansen, regular trains and buses very reasonably. From the official website below, you can also visit the official website of JR in various places.
>> The official website of Japan Rail Pass is here

Private Railways

There are so many private railways in Japan. In Tokyo and Osaka, you can enjoy various individual railway trains. If you go to the more local areas, you can also meet very pretty private railway trains.
>> The comprehensive official website of Japanese private railways is here

Bus companies

Airport Limousine Buses

From airports in Japan you can use limousine buses to major cities.
>> The official website of the limousine bus is here

Highway Buses

In Japan, there are many highway buses that connect cities and cities through highways. For details, refer to the following site.
>> The official website of Highway Buses is here

Taxi companies

I will also introduce some Japanese major taxi companies' sites.
>> The official website of Nihon Kotsu is here
>> The official website of km group is here


I appreciate you reading to the end.


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