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How to book and buy tickets and tours in Japan! Sumo, Baseball, Concert, activities...

If you do not participate in a tour that acts with a big group and you travel freely with friends or family in Japan, how do you book and purchase tickets for sports competitions and concerts . Or how do you apply for tours such as activities? There are booking sites for tickets and tours in Japan, but most of them are written in Japanese. So, on this page, I would like to introduce you how to book various tickets and tours for your travel to Japan. You had better reserve popular tickets and tours before coming to Japan In Onuma Park, you can snowmobile and trek on the lake which froze in the winter Major reservation sites not supporting English In Japan, we reserve ticket booking sites such as "Lawson Ticket" "Ticket Pia" when reserving a ticket such as a concert. We can receive reservation tickets at nearby convenience store. These services are very useful. However, most of the ticket reservation sites currently do not correspond to English, Chinese, etc. In order to use these sites, Japanese ability is required. There are many reservation sites for tours such as mountain climbing in Japan, but many of these are only compatible with Japanese as well. You may face a Japanese barrier. If you are browsing various reservation sites in Japan before you go to Japan and you can not make a reservation by yourself, it is better to book early in the following way. Popular concerts, sports competitions, activity tours are highly likely to be ...

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5 Best Amusement Parks and Theme Parks in Japan! Tokyo Disney Resort, USj, Fuji-Q Highland...

In Japan there are some of the world's top theme parks and amusement parks. Especially famous are Universal Studios Japan in Osaka and Tokyo Disney Resort. In addition to this, I will introduce the spots such as Fuji-Q Highland that you can play while watching Mt. Fuji. Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) Magic Electrical Parade Dream Lights in Tokyo Disneyland = shutterstock Map of Tokyo Disney Resort Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Wonderful Hotels Tokyo Disney Resort is the most popular theme parks in Japan located in Urayasu city, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. It is approximately 21 minutes by JR Keiyo line from Tokyo station, and approximately 45 minutes via Tokyo station from Shinjuku station. Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) and Tokyo DisneySea (TDS). Next to the theme park there are 4 directly managed hotels. Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo Disney Celebration. There is also a shopping mall. A monorail runs between the theme parks. When you go to Tokyo Disney Resort, you feel like you have entered the world of Walt Disney movies. Directly owned hotels, like theme parks, are beautifully made so that guests can enjoy the fantasy world. Among the directly operated hotels, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is particularly popular as guests can see the events of Tokyo DisneySea from some rooms. It is very difficult to book the rooms at Hotel MiraCosta. Difference between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea You can move between Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea ...

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