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Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park in Nagasaki, Japan, which recreates the Netherlands by displaying real size copies of old Dutch buildings. = Shutterstock

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December in Japan! How to enjoy the early winter

In December, Japan gets cold all at once. At this time of year, Japanese cities are beautifully colored by Christmas illumination each year. There are few Christians in Japan, but Japanese love the event, so enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. If you visit Japan in December, you can enjoy such beautiful illumination. Of course, snow begins to fall in some areas, so you can go see the snow scene. Information of Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido in December If you plan on going to Tokyo, Osaka or Hokkaido in December, please click the image of the slider below and go to see more information.   illumination Huis Ten Bosch = Shutterstock In major Japanese cities, Christmas illuminations are beautiful in December. Many street trees have a lonesome atmosphere as the leaves are scattered. Illumination changes such a lonely atmosphere and makes our hearts bright. Christmas songs can be heard around the city. It may be strange from the people of the Christian country, but for Japanese people, Christmas is an important time. Japanese people give presents each other at their families and have a good time. Lovers spend a special time at a beautiful restaurant colored with Christmas illumination. The above picture shows the illumination held in December every year at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park in Kyushu. Every year, Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka have similarly beautiful illumination prepared. Please take a look at these Christmas illuminations by all means. When Christmas is over, people in Japan will be busy preparing for the New ...

How to enjoy Japanese Winter

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How to enjoy Japanese Winter! Ski Resort, Festivals, Drift Ice etc.

If you are traveling in Japan in the winter, what type of trip is best? If you have never experienced a cold winter, I would recommend Hokkaido first. Next, I recommend the Tohoku region and some Chubu regions. On the other hand, in urban areas such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, you will be able to enjoy sightseeing trips as well as other seasons without suffering from snow. On this page, I will introduce the tourist spots I recommend especially in winter. Enjoy Japan in December, January, February I gathered articles for each month on Japanese winter. If you want to know such details, please look at the slide below and click the month you are planning to visit. If you want to know what kind of clothes the Japanese are wearing in winter, I also wrote articles that introduced it, so visit the page if you do not mind.   From here on, I will introduce the tourist spots you would like to recommend when traveling Japan in winter. I added a lot of videos and images on this page, so if you do not mind, please look at them and enjoy the atmosphere of winter in Japan.   Snowy mountain: Experience skiing and snow boating   trees covered with hoar frost, Zao, Yamagata Prefecture Nishiho Sanso around the dawn of winter, Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan = Adobe Stock First of all as a winter destination, I recommend mountain areas such as Hokkaido, Tohoku region, and Chubu region. For example, it is as ...

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