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Recommended sites! Japanese restaurants and festivals

On this page, I introduce sites of so many genres, including restaurants related sites. The link below is useful even when you want to get information about Japanese festivals and attractions, when you want to know Japanese news and weather forecasts, and even if you are interested in Japanese subculture. Please do use it. Restaurant related site GURUNAVI GURUNAVI is the leading restaurant guide site in Japan. It has detailed information on individual restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pub) etc. >> The official website of GURUNAVI is here HOT PEPPER HOT PEPPER is a popular restaurant guide site along with the above GURUNAVI. It also has detailed information on individual restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pubs) etc. >> The official website of HOT PEPPER is here favy favy is also a site that introduces Japanese restaurants. Although it is not as major as the above GURUNAVI and HOT PEPPER, it is a site that makes it easy for foreign tourists to understand. >> The official website of favy is here SHUN GATE For those who want to know about Japanese food culture, I recommend the following site. SHUN GATE is introducing about delicious food in the region of Japan. This site is very interesting. >> The official website of SHUN GATE is here   Festival and attraction information site JAPAN ATTRACTIONS JAPAN ATTRACTIONS provides up-to-date information on Japanese events such as festivals and illuminations. When you go to Japan, please collect information on this site, which events will be held in various parts of Japan. ...

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Autumn Wear in Japan! What should you wear during the autumn in Japan?

If you are going to travel Japan in autumn, what kind of clothes should you prepare? Even if it is autumn, clothes are quite different depending on whether it is September, October or November. On this page, I will introduce the Japanese autumn clothes with concrete photos. Please refer to it when you prepare for your trip. Clothing to prepare depends on what month you travel Autumn is the transition period from hot summer to cold winter. In the autumn, it will gradually get colder, so your clothes will be quite different depending on what month you will travel. If you travel in the first half of September, the climate of Japan is still pretty summer. Many Japanese are still wearing short-sleeved shirts during this period. However, as rainy days increase, typhoons also come, so there are chilly days. People who wear coat such as cardigans, mainly women, will gradually increase. In the latter half of September, the cooler days will gradually increase. Many people wear autumn clothes, beginning with young women who are interested in autumn fashion. In October, few people wear short-sleeved shirts, except for Okinawa and others. Tourists visiting autumnal leaves in Hokkaido or highlands in Honshu will wear jackets, jumpers and so on so that they will be OK even in cold weather. In the first half of November, most people will wear jackets, jumpers and so on. In the latter half of November, the winter is much closer. People who wear coats also increase much in urban areas. On the ...

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Summer Wear in Japan! What should you wear?

If you were going to visit Japan in the summer, what kind of clothes should you wear? Summer in Japan is as hot as tropical regions. Humidity is also high. So for summer you may want to prepare a cool short sleeve clothing that is easy to escape the heat. However, since the air conditioning is effective in the building, please do not forget a thin coat such as cardigan. On this page, I will also refer to the Japanese summer photos and introduce what kind of clothes you should prepare. In summer I recommend bringing a hat or a parasol Summer in Japan is really hot and humid except Hokkaido and highlands in Honshu. Sometimes it is cold in June as you want a thin jacket. However, in July and August it is generally hot and temperatures during the day are often over 35 degrees Celsius. You should prepare cool clothes like tropical provinces. Even if you visit Japan on business, you probably do not have much opportunity to wear a jacket in July or August, except when going to a fine restaurant or party. Recently, Japanese people do not wear jackets too much in business. For men, most people can not wear a tie. Because the sun is strong, it is often sweaty, so handkerchiefs are indispensable. When you go outdoors for a long time, please also wear a hat. It is good for women to prepare a parasol. When walking outdoors in July or August, please make sure to supply moisture frequently ...

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Spring Wear in Japan! What should you wear?

If you are planning a trip to Japan during the spring (March, April, May), what clothes should you wear to travel? Actually, Japanese people often worry about what clothes to wear in spring. After all, the temperature will gradually warm up at this time, but it may get cold. Japanese people listen to the weather forecast for the day every morning, and often go out with a coat if it is getting cold. If you come to Japan in the spring, I would recommend that you prepare including clothing on the top as well as in the cold weather. On this page, I will introduce you helpful information about clothes when you travel in Japan in spring. I also prepared photographs of spring clothes below.   You should also prepare a thin outer jacket and wear it when it's cold. Even if you say "spring" in a word, in March and May, the clothes you wear vary considerably. In March, there are still as cold days as winter, so during travel you should bring a thin coat (spring coat) or a jumper. Especially at night it may be chilled, so please be careful. Also in April, if you eat or drink while watching cherry blossoms like the Japanese at night, prepare a thin coat or jumper and go out. Instead of a coat, you may wear a scarf around your neck, etc. In May it will be a lot of warm days, so you may already have a short sleeve shirt. However, there are cold days in May ...

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6 Best Shopping Places and 4 Recommended Brands in Japan

If you shop in Japan, you surely want to enjoy as much as possible at the best shopping places. You probably do not want to waste your time on shopping places that are not so good. So on this page, I will introduce you the best shopping places in Japan. Please know the best shopping places for each category such as department store, exclusive shopping district, outlet mall, Akihabara electric street etc Then, if you intend to buy the clothes you wear in Japan, you would like to shop efficiently at the reasonable and best brand store. So I will introduce the recommended brands to you. In addition, I also enumerate the wonderful shopping areas in the region, so please refer. 6 Best Shopping Places in Japan Isetan : The most popular department store in Japan The building of "Isetan" of a long-established department store is a symbol of the city = shutterstock If you want to enjoy shopping in department stores in Tokyo, I recommend you go to Isetan in Shinjuku. Isetan in Shinjuku is known as a shop where you can buy the most sophisticated products among department stores in Japan. There are also Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi and Mitsukoshi Ginza stores in Ginza as department stores with luxury goods. However, if you want to buy upscale and fashionable items, it is most efficient to go to the Isetan Shinjuku store. In the Isetan Shinjuku store, you can buy ladies 'clothes and ladies' accessories at the Isetan's main building. In the basement of the ...

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