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Hakuba chain of mountains of snow and a pink one cherry tree = shutterstock

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Shining Spring and Distant Snow Scene: From 10 beautiful pictures!

Japan is now in the spring season. Cherry blossoms bloom in many places in Tokyo, Kyoto, etc. I will introduce you this beautiful Japanese spring with 10 photos. Even though spring has come, the distant mountains are still full of white snow. Please enjoy the scenery where spring and winter coexist. White Mount Fuji and Shining Trees Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossom in full bloom as seen from Lake Tanuki, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan = AdobeStock Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms.The shooting location is Lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi prefecture Japan = shutterstock Mount Fuji is still in the midst of winter. Meanwhile, spring came around Mount Fuji, so you can enjoy the wonderful contrast of winter and spring.   Pink moss field and Mt. Fuji with clear blue sky = shutterstock Around Mt. Fuji, after the cherry blossoms have fallen, the flowers of Moss Phlox will begin to bloom from the middle of April.   Fresh green tea fields with snow-capped Mount Fuji = shutterstock On the south side of Mt. Fuji, there are many tea plantations. In these fields, the fresh greens are very beautiful in spring.   Mountainous area of Honshu Hakuba chain of mountains of snow and a pink one cherry tree = shutterstock In the mountainous region of Honshu, you can now enjoy the wonderful contrast between winter and spring. The above photo was taken at Hakuba Village in Nagano Prefecture. In Hakuba, high mountains around 3000 meters above sea level are connected. In these mountains, many tourists enjoy skiing and ...

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How to enjoy Japanese Autumn! It is the best season for traveling!

If you are going to travel Japan in the fall, what kind of trip is the most fun? In Japan, autumn is the most comfortable season in line with spring. The mountains of the Japanese archipelago are dyed red or yellow depending on autumn colors. Agricultural crops are harvested in autumn and delicious meals can be enjoyed. On this page, I would like to introduce recommended places if you are traveling in Japan. Recommended for traveling in Japan in September, October, November I gathered articles for each month on Japanese autumn. If you want to know such details, please look at the slide below and click the month you are planning to visit. If you want to know what kind of clothes the Japanese are wearing in autumn, I also wrote articles that introduced it, so visit the page if you do not mind.   Traditional cities such as Kyoto and Nara are beautiful If you are considering traveling in Japan in the fall, I recommend you go to a traditional city like Kyoto or Nara first. There are many temples and shrines in such a town. Many of these sights are more beautiful in autumn in autumn. You will be able to refresh while you are walking around the temple and the shrine. It is around the second half of November that autumn leaves can be seen in major Japanese cities. At that time especially in Kyoto, domestic and foreign tourists come and the famous shrines and temples are very crowded everywhere. If you ...

Onuma Park is national park on the Oshima Peninsula in southwest Hokkaido, Japan. The park encompasses the volcanic Hokkaido Komagatake as well as the Onuma and Konuma ponds = Shutterstock



Onuma Park! Best Things to do in winter, spring, summer, autumn

If you want to travel around Hakodate and enjoy even more magnificent nature, I recommend going to Onuma Park. Onuma Park is a sightseeing spot approximately 16 km north of Hakodate center. There, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Various activities such as cruising, canoeing, fishing, cycling, camping and skiing are possible at Onuma Park. Please visit Onuma Park by all means. Best Things to do in Onuma Park To Onuma Park, approximately 20 minutes by express "Super Hokuto" from JR Hakodate Station (about 50 minutes if it is a regular train) In the center of Onuma Park, there is Mt. Komagadake. It is an active volcano with an altitude of 1131 meters. Many swamps were formed around the mountain due to the volcanic activity of this mountain. The representative one is Onuma. There are over 100 small islands in Onuma. Onuma is famous for its beautiful scenery. To Onuma Park, approximately 20 minutes by express "Super Hokuto" from JR Hakodate Station (about 50 minutes if it is a regular train). If you use the bus, it is about 60 minutes from JR Hakodate Station to Onuma Park. It is very close from Hakodate so you can enjoy a day trip to Onuma Park. There are several beautiful resort hotels around Onuma Park, so you can challenge diverse activities by staying in Onuma Park. Many of the activities are handled by Onuma Godo Yusen Co., Ltd. which operates the following site. The following sites are not explained in English. ...

Hotaka mountains and Kappa bridge in Kamikochi, Nagano, Japan = Shuttersyock



15 Best Hiking Spot in Japan! Kamikochi, Oze, Mt. Fuji, Kumano Kodo...

If you want to walk naturally beautiful spots in Japan, where do you go? On this page, I will introduce 15 hiking spots. It is almost impossible to narrow down to 15 like this. However, these 15 spots are very nice, so please read it if you like. Most of the 15 spots have easy way to go. However, there are also some hard courses such as Mt. Fuji and Oze. Please choose according to your purpose. Shiretoko Goko Lakes (Hokkaido) Shiretoko National Park located on the Shiretoko Peninsula in eastern Hokkaido = shutterstock Map of Shiretoko Goko Lakes In the eastern part of Hokkaido there are a lot of unspoiled nature. Particularly beautiful areas are protected as "Shiretoko national park". "Shiretoko Goko Lakes" is in this national park. Here you can enjoy wonderful hiking. The Shiretoko Goko lakes are spreading at the foot of the mountains of the Shiretoko Peninsula. The virgin forests continue in the vicinity of those lakes that have not been developed at all. In this beautiful nature new promenades are being developed. There are two kinds of boardwalks. One is an elevated walking path above the wetland. Brown bears will never come because they are elevated and further electric fences are installed. You can stroll with peace. The other is a boardwalk within the virgin forest. There is a danger that brown bear will be approaching here, so depending on the time it is obligatory to walk with the guide. Recently, a special tour began in Shiretoko Goko Lakes even in ...

Mt. Fuji = Adobe Stock



Mount Fuji: 15 best viewing spots in Japan!

On this page, I will show you the best viewpoint to see Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan with an altitude of 3776 meters. There are lakes made by the volcanic activity of Mt. Fuji, and creating a beautiful landscape around that. If you want to see plenty of Mt. Fuji, I will not recommend going to the fifth consecutive Mt. Fuji. Because you can not see Mt. Fuji there. The view point I like the most is the very quiet lake Motosu. Well, where do you want to look at Mt. Fuji? >>Click on the map image below to see the map on a separate page<< Map of Mt. Fuji Access Kawaguchiko Station, Tourists are using the tour bus service. Transportation is very convenient for both train and bus = shutterstock Bus Since the surroundings of Mt. Fuji are very vast, there are various routes when going from Tokyo. In general, you can easily go to various spots by using the buses. For details of buses going to Mt. Fuji, please refer to the following Fujikyuko Bus site. From the city center of Tokyo to the spots around Mt. Fuji, it is around 2 hours by bus. Even when you are traveling around tourist attractions of Mt. Fuji, you should use the bus. Fujikyuko Bus is driving roundabout buses traveling around major tourist attractions. For these buses, please refer to the official website of the Fujikyuko Bus. Railway Fujikyu Railway To Kawaguchi-ko, you can also take the train. In that case, first go ...

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