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Recommended sites useful for booking hotels in Japan

When you want to find out what hotel you should stay in Japan, I recommend that you use "TripAdvisor" below.  If you decide which hotel you want to stay, let's look for the cheapest reservation site with "Travelko" below. I also listed individual recommended reservation sites. Actually, I introduced these sites in the following articles. So please refer to the following article for details. To avoid duplication, on this page, I only enumerate the data. Comparison sites TripAdvisor TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is very useful when you find a hotel in Japan. Click on the image above, the official Website of the TripAdvisor will be displayed on a separate page.   Travelko Travelko Travelko will find the cheapest accommodation plan from among so many hotel reservation sites in Japan. Click on the image above, the official website of Travelko will be displayed on a separate page.   Hotel reservation sites Rakuten Travel Rakuten Travel Rakuten Travel and the following cover the most Japanese hotels. Click on the image above, the official website of Rakuten Travel will be displayed on a separate page. is the strongest rival of Rakuten Travel. Click on the image above, the official website of will be displayed on a separate page.   JAPANiCAN JAPANiCAN JAPANiCAN is a website operated by JTB, Japan's largest travel agency. Click on the image above, the official website of JAPANiCAN will be displayed on a separate page.   I appreciate you reading to the end.   Back to "Recommended sites"   About me ...

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Recommended sites useful when preparing for your Japanese trip

On this page, I will introduce various websites related to Japan. I will update the site information from time to time. It would be nice if you could use it to gather information. The hotels, transportation, restaurants, and local related websites are summarized in detail by categories. Since there are links at the bottom of this page, please go to the page you want to see from there. Sites that teach widely about Japan Japan National Tourism Organization Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is a tourism related window of the Japanese government. The official website of JNTO contains a lot of sightseeing information in Japan. It corresponds to 15 languages. If there are major disasters in Japan, this official website will provide necessary information for foreign tourists. >> The official website of JNTO is here is a famous Internet media that is operated by foreigners living in Japan. It gradually increased articles since the beginning of the Internet. It can be said that it is the tourism information site most familiar among tourists coming to Japan now. In the spring, it tells us the flowering information of cherry blossoms in Japan every moment. >> The official website of is here ZEKKEI Japan ZEKKEI Japan is a tourist information website operated by a company with a head office in Ginza, Tokyo. It provides articles by using beautiful images to introduce Japanese beauty to overseas people. "ZEKKEI" means "the highest beautiful landscape" in Japanese. As its name says, it is a very beautiful site. >> ...




How to Book Accommodation in Japan!

There are people with a variety of strange hobbies. Actually, I love comparing hotel reservation sites. When I book a hotel, I check it with many booking sites and book it with the site I was most convinced about. For me with such a hobby, I feel that there are tourists using reservation sites that I can not recommend much. Therefore, I will introduce about the hotel reservation sites recommended for everyone by making a site different from "Best of Japan" from now on. On this page, I will introduce some of the hotel reservation sites I recommend. For details about accommodation in Japan such as hotel, Ryokan, Minshuku please see the following article. Click on each image, the booking site will be displayed on a separate page 2 Best Comparison Sites for Booking Accommodation in Japan There are really many sites that you can book a hotel or Ryokan in Japan. It is almost impossible to see all of it. So, the first thing I would like to recommend is 'comparison sites' where you can compare accommodation plans of many hotel reservation sites. TripAdvisor TripAdvisor If you want to find accommodation that is right for you in some city such as Tokyo or Kyoto, I recommend that you first check in TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is a very famous comparison site. This site has two advantages. First, by using TripAdvisor, you can gather information about the most rated hotels etc in the city you are going to go. Secondly, you can find the cheapest accommodation plan ...

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