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5 Best Japanese gardens in Japan! Adachi Museum, Katsura Rikyu, Kenrokuen...

Japanese gardens are completely different from UK and French gardens. On this page, I would like to introduce representative gardens in Japan. When you look at overseas sightseeing guide books, Adachi Museum of Art is often introduced as a beautiful Japanese garden. Of course the Adachi Museum is surprisingly beautiful in the landscape. However, not only Adachi Museum of Art is a beautiful Japanese garden. If you come to Japan, please enjoy other beautiful Japanese garden by all means. On this page, I will introduce five representative Japanese gardens. The charm of the Japanese garden can not be told with one movie. Better yet, it is very difficult to convey charm with a single picture. This is because the gardens change their atmosphere every moment according to changes in the four seasons in Japan and changes in day and night brightness. Sometimes deep thought is put in the entire garden like Kairakuen and Katsura Rikyu. So, on this page, I will introduce as many photos as possible. I am happy if you can see it as if you see an art book. Click each of the maps below to see Google Maps on a separate page. Kairakuen (Mito City, Ibaraki Prefcture) Kairakuen in early spring = Adobestock Map of Kairakuen Kairakuen is said to be the three best gardens in Japan with Kenrokuen and Korakuen which I introduce on the bottom of this page. Kairakuen is located in Mito (Ibaraki Prefecture) about 100 km north of Tokyo. The area is about 300 hectares. Its size is the ...

Portrait of a Maiko geisha in Gion Kyoto = shutterstock

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Harmony of Tradition & Modernity (1) Tradition! Geisha, Kabuki, Sento, Izakaya, Kintsugi, Japanese swords ...

In Japan, a lot of traditional old things have remained. For example, they are temples and shrines. Or they are competitions such as Sumo, Kendo, Judo, Karate. There are lots of unique facilities such as public baths and pubs amongst the cities. In addition, there are various traditional rules in people's lifestyle. It is one of the major characteristics of Japanese people to respect tradition. On this page, I will introduce a part of those traditional ones. Traditional Japanese culture Geisha A Japanese geisha performs for a public event at a shrine in Kyoto = shutterstock Geisha is a woman who hospitals guest at the banquet by Japanese dance and Japanese songs. In modern Japan almost no longer exists, but still in Kyoto. In Kyoto, Geisha is called "Geiko". There are people who misunderstand the geisha as a woman selling herself. Geisha are quite different from women of that type. On the contrary, Geisha has acquired various cultures in addition to Japanese dance. They can entertain the wealthy guests with advanced education. "Maiko" is a young woman training in Kyoto, aiming at Geiko. They are in Gion. If you walk in the traditional street of Gion, you will be able to see those walking with beautiful kimonos. The performance of the Geiko is held like the above video in April every year. You can enjoy a wonderful stage there. Kabuki Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama which continues from the beginning of the 17th century. The person who created Kabuki was a legendary woman named ...

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