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Hakuba chain of mountains of snow and a pink one cherry tree = shutterstock

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Shining Spring and Distant Snow Scene: From 10 beautiful pictures!

Japan is now in the spring season. Cherry blossoms bloom in many places in Tokyo, Kyoto, etc. I will introduce you this beautiful Japanese spring with 10 photos. Even though spring has come, the distant mountains are still full of white snow. Please enjoy the scenery where spring and winter coexist. White Mount Fuji and Shining Trees Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossom in full bloom as seen from Lake Tanuki, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan = AdobeStock Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms.The shooting location is Lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi prefecture Japan = shutterstock Mount Fuji is still in the midst of winter. Meanwhile, spring came around Mount Fuji, so you can enjoy the wonderful contrast of winter and spring.   Pink moss field and Mt. Fuji with clear blue sky = shutterstock Around Mt. Fuji, after the cherry blossoms have fallen, the flowers of Moss Phlox will begin to bloom from the middle of April.   Fresh green tea fields with snow-capped Mount Fuji = shutterstock On the south side of Mt. Fuji, there are many tea plantations. In these fields, the fresh greens are very beautiful in spring.   Mountainous area of Honshu Hakuba chain of mountains of snow and a pink one cherry tree = shutterstock In the mountainous region of Honshu, you can now enjoy the wonderful contrast between winter and spring. The above photo was taken at Hakuba Village in Nagano Prefecture. In Hakuba, high mountains around 3000 meters above sea level are connected. In these mountains, many tourists enjoy skiing and ...

Spring is approaching. White plum blossoms blooming in Tokyo, Japan. Next is the cherry blossoms!

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2019 Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast: slightly earlier or same as usual

Today, I will introduce the cherry blossom forecast of 2019. It is now winter in Japan. However, in Tokyo, plum blossoms began to bloom first. I feel that spring is approaching gradually. Now, the Japanese are starting to feel excited, feeling spring is near. Cherry blossoms are expected to be a little earlier or the same as usual. Please also refer to the following articles for Japanese cherry blossoms.   Summary If you click on this image, the site of Japan Weather Association (in Japanese) will be displayed on a separate page According to the forecast released by the Japan Weather Association on February 7, the cherry blossoms will start flowering from Fukuoka and Kumamoto on March 19. It will flower in Nagasaki and Saga, Kochi on March 21, and Tokyo and Matsuyama on 22th. It will bloom in a wide range from west Japan to eastern Japan by the end of March. In Hokuriku, Nagano and Tohoku regions, there are many places to bloom from early April to mid-April. And on April 29th it will flower in Hakodate, Hokkaido. The forecast for each region announced by the Japan Weather Association is as follows. The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in about a week after blooming. You can enjoy cherry blossoms for about 10 days after flowering.   Kyushu Region: Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 Isshingyo Sakura Tree, Aso Kumamoto Japan = shutterstock Map of Kyushu = shutterstock Forecast flowering Average Year Fukuoka City March 19 March 23 Oita City March 24 March 24 Nagasaki ...

Climate & Weather in Japan



Climate and Yearly Weather in Japan! Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido etc.

When you visit Japan, how is the climate and the weather in Japan? On this page, I would like to introduce the climate and weather of Japan, including the features of each area. The climate of Japan is diverse Japan is an elongated archipelago extending 3000 kilometers north and south. It consists of 4 large islands and about 6,800 small islands. Climate is very different between northernmost Hokkaido and south Okinawa. Winter in Hokkaido is very cold, while Okinawa is relatively mild even in winter. The area where much snow falls in winter is the Japan Sea side of Hokkaido and the Japan Sea side of northern Honshu. Data : Japan Meteorological Agency Japan Meteorological Agency Japan Meteorological Agency   Winter weather : Snow on the Japan Sea side Heavy Snow Fall in Japan = Shutterstock Like the backbone of the archipelago, mountain ranges are long running. Because of this mountain range, the climate of the Pacific side of the Japanese archipelago and the Japan Sea side are greatly different. Every winter, in the area on the Japan Sea side of the Japanese archipelago, many clouds damp from the Sea of ​​Japan and come into collision with the mountains, snow falls often. Meanwhile, in the area on the Pacific side, clear weather will continue in winter. If you go to areas in the Sea of ​​Japan side in winter, especially Hokkaido and northern Honshu, you will be able to see the snow scene.   Japan's rainy season: around June A woman in traditional Japanese kimono ...

Wooden bridge in the autumn park, Japan autumn season, Kyoto Japan = Shutterstock



7 Best Autumn Leaves Spot in Japan! Eikando, Tofukuji, Kiyomizudera...

In Japan, you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves from late September to early December. The best season of autumnal leaves varies completely from place to place, so please try looking for the most beautiful place during the time you travel to Japan. On this page, I will introduce the foliage spots of various parts of Japan. Click on each map to display Google Maps on a separate page. Daisetsuzan (Hokkaido) Autumn foliage at Daisetsuzan mountain in Hokkaido, Japan = shutterstock Map of Daisetsuzan The area where autumnal leaves start in the earliest in Japan is Daisetsuzan of Hokkaido (also called Taisetsuzan). Daisetsuzan is a very wide mountainous area located in the center of Hokkaido, it is designated as a national park. In Daisetsuzan there are mountains of altitudes around 2000 meters including Mt. Asahidake (altitude 2,291 m), Mt. Hakuundake (2,230 m), Mt. Kurodake (1,984 m). At the foot of the mountains there are spa towns like Sounkyo (close to Mt. Kurodake), Asahidake Onsen (close to Mt. Asahidak). In Daisetsuzan, autumn leaves begin from the summit of the mountains in late August (there are mountains with no trees on the summit). In early September, the summit of the mountains will be dyed red. In mid September, autumn leaves peak at the middle of the mountains. In late September, beautiful autumnal leaves are seen even at the foot of the mountains, and snow will begin to fall on the summit. There are countless places where autumn leaves are beautiful in Daisetsuzan. Among them, Mt, Asahidake and Mt, ...

Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Japan = Adobe Stock



Kansai Region! Best things to do in 6 Prefectures

In Japan, the Kanto region where Tokyo is located and the Kansai region where Kyoto and Osaka are located are often compared. The main feature of the Kansai region is that each area such as Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, etc. is very unique. If you travel in the Kansai region, you can enjoy various individual tourist destinations. Outline of Kansai Kyoto, Japan cityscape in Higashiyama historic district = shutterstock Map of Kansai = shutterstock Points The Kansai region is the most historical and traditional area in Japan. In the past, the court placed the capital of Japan in Nara Prefecture, then moved the capital to Kyoto. There are many old temples strongly influenced by Chinese culture in Nara prefecture. After that, in Kyoto where the imperial family and aristocrats lived for over 1000 years, a mature Japanese culture is born. Osaka prefecture and Hyogo prefecture facing the sea have supported these cities from old days. In Osaka prefecture, the towns of merchants developed. In Hyogo prefecture, trade ports and factory zones spread through trade with Western countries since the latter half of the 19th century. In Wakayama prefecture, which is located in the southernmost part of the Kansai region, sacred places to train Buddhism were placed away from urban areas. In particular, Koyasan in Wakayama Prefecture has recently attracted many tourists. Recommended articles about Kansai   Welcome to Kansai! Now, please visit each area of the Kansai region. Where would you like to go? Shiga Prefecture Lake Biwa'S Cruise Michigan.A = Shutterstockwonderful paddle boat, at ...

Autumn leaves of Rurikoin, Kyoto, Japan = Adobe Stock



Kyoto! 26 Best Attractions : Fushimi Inari, Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji etc.

Kyoto is a beautiful city that inherits traditional Japanese culture. If you go to Kyoto, you can enjoy Japanese traditional culture to your heart's content. On this page, I will introduce the tourist attractions which are especially recommended in Kyoto. This page is long, but if you read this page to the end, you will get roughly the basic information necessary for sightseeing in Kyoto. I also attached links such as official website for each sightseeing, please use it. >>If you click the video below, you will find that Kyoto is beautiful even at night<<   Outline of Kyoto Beautiful Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan = Adobe Stock Click the map image below to see Google Maps on a separate page. I also recommend this map. The route map of the subway and bus is here. Map of Kyoto Kyoto is a beautiful city 368 kilometers west of Tokyo. It is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes by the fastest Shinkansen from Tokyo. Kyoto was the capital of Japan for about 1000 years until the capital moved to Tokyo in 1869. Japan's unique culture has been built in this city. Even today, there are many shrines and temples in Kyoto. There are also traditional wooden houses called "Kyo-Machiya" here and there. If you go to Gion etc, you will see beautifully dressed women, Maiko and Geiko. When you visit the shrines and temples in Kyoto, you will be surprised that trees and streams in the garden are very beautiful. People in Kyoto have long loved ...

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10 Best Itineraries for traveling in Japan! Tokyo, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Hokkaido...

When you go to Japan, you will need to decide where you want to go most in Japan. So, on this page, I will introduce the destinations that are likely to be the main spots of sightseeing trips in Japan. If you have a place you want to go particularly, you may decide your travel plan around the place. Click on each of the maps below, the Google map for that location will be displayed on a separate page, so please refer to it. Tokyo: Enjoy both traditional and modern things! Shibuya Map of Tokyo Tokyo is the capital of Japan with a population of approximately 13 million people. The Tokyo Metropolitan area including the surrounding area has a population of approximately 35 million people. This area is central to Japan economically, politically and culturally. If you travel in Japan, I would recommend dropping by this giant city. The security is very good. Because the train and the subway are moving accurately, the convenience of transportation is also very good. In Tokyo, you can enjoy both Japanese traditional and innovative things. For example, if you go to downtown Tokyo, Asakusa, you can see the traditional landscape centered on the old temple. On the other hand, if you go to Akihabara or Shibuya, you can experience Japanese pop culture. The following video explains well about Tokyo.   Hokkaido : Sapporo + where you want to go most! Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park in Nagasaki, Japan, which recreates the Netherlands by displaying real size copies ...

Portrait of a Maiko geisha in Gion Kyoto = shutterstock

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Harmony of Tradition & Modernity (1) Tradition! Geisha, Kabuki, Sento, Izakaya, Kintsugi, Japanese swords ...

In Japan, a lot of traditional old things have remained. For example, they are temples and shrines. Or they are competitions such as Sumo, Kendo, Judo, Karate. There are lots of unique facilities such as public baths and pubs amongst the cities. In addition, there are various traditional rules in people's lifestyle. It is one of the major characteristics of Japanese people to respect tradition. On this page, I will introduce a part of those traditional ones. Traditional Japanese culture Geisha A Japanese geisha performs for a public event at a shrine in Kyoto = shutterstock Geisha is a woman who hospitals guest at the banquet by Japanese dance and Japanese songs. In modern Japan almost no longer exists, but still in Kyoto. In Kyoto, Geisha is called "Geiko". There are people who misunderstand the geisha as a woman selling herself. Geisha are quite different from women of that type. On the contrary, Geisha has acquired various cultures in addition to Japanese dance. They can entertain the wealthy guests with advanced education. "Maiko" is a young woman training in Kyoto, aiming at Geiko. They are in Gion. If you walk in the traditional street of Gion, you will be able to see those walking with beautiful kimonos. The performance of the Geiko is held like the above video in April every year. You can enjoy a wonderful stage there. Kabuki Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama which continues from the beginning of the 17th century. The person who created Kabuki was a legendary woman named ...




Best Tourist Destinations in Japan! winter, spring, summer, autumn

On this site, I have pages to introduce individually in various parts of Japan. You can go to the pages by watching the menu and clicking on the titles you are interested in. However, I listed these pages below. Look at the following and if there is a page of your interest, please click on it and go to that page. Because Japan is a very wide country in the north and south, Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu and Okinawa in the south are quite different. I hope that you will find your favorite Japan on my site. 10 Best Itineraries: Where would you like to go? If you want to overview what kind of sightseeing spots are in Japan, please read the following page.   Best Destinations when traveling in Japan The most popular destinations in Japan are the following. Look at the slide images and click on any place you are interested in.   Recommended Articles when deciding your destination I have listed the recommended articles below when deciding where you want to go.   The following are related articles by region. If you click the red heading, you will see articles outlining the region. Hokkaido Tohoku region (Northeastern part of Honshu) Kanto Region (Around Tokyo) Chubu Region (Central Honshu) Kansai region (Around Kyoto and Osaka) Chugoku Region (Western Honshu) Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa   I appreciate you reading to the end. Back to Home   About me Bon KUROSAWA  I have long worked as a senior editor for Nihon Keizai Shimbun (NIKKEI) ...

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