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Recommended sites! Japanese restaurants and festivals

On this page, I introduce sites of so many genres, including restaurants related sites. The link below is useful even when you want to get information about Japanese festivals and attractions, when you want to know Japanese news and weather forecasts, and even if you are interested in Japanese subculture. Please do use it. Restaurant related site GURUNAVI GURUNAVI is the leading restaurant guide site in Japan. It has detailed information on individual restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pub) etc. >> The official website of GURUNAVI is here HOT PEPPER HOT PEPPER is a popular restaurant guide site along with the above GURUNAVI. It also has detailed information on individual restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pubs) etc. >> The official website of HOT PEPPER is here favy favy is also a site that introduces Japanese restaurants. Although it is not as major as the above GURUNAVI and HOT PEPPER, it is a site that makes it easy for foreign tourists to understand. >> The official website of favy is here SHUN GATE For those who want to know about Japanese food culture, I recommend the following site. SHUN GATE is introducing about delicious food in the region of Japan. This site is very interesting. >> The official website of SHUN GATE is here   Festival and attraction information site JAPAN ATTRACTIONS JAPAN ATTRACTIONS provides up-to-date information on Japanese events such as festivals and illuminations. When you go to Japan, please collect information on this site, which events will be held in various parts of Japan. ...

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Harmony of Tradition & Modernity (2) Modernity! Maid Cafe, Robot Restaurant, Capsule Hotel, Conveyor Belt Sushi ...

While many traditional cultures remain in Japan, very contemporary pop culture and services are born one after another and are gaining popularity. Some foreign tourists who came to Japan are surprised that tradition and contemporary things coexist. On this page, I will introduce the things that you can actually enjoy when you came to Japan. Cosplay Cosplay is the act of disguising as a character such as cartoon or animation. The etymology of cosplay comes from the word "costume play" made in Japan. It is said that in the past, people were disguised as festivals long ago. It has been told that there were some events where the Geisha in Kyoto dressed as a character of the story and walked around the city. Contemporary cosplay may be based on such Japanese tradition. People who enjoy cosplay are called cosplayers. In Japan, many events and festivals where cosplayers gather are held. A representative event that foreigners can easily participate is COMIC MARKET which is held at Big Site in Tokyo. Please refer to the following site. >> The official website of COMIC MARKET is here In Tokyo, there is also a photo hall for cosplayers. For example, there is Cosplay Studio CROWN in Akihabara. Please refer to the following site. >> The official site of Cosplay Studio CROWN is here There are many shops in Akihabara that sell clothes for the cosplayers. Please refer to the video below. If you go to such a store, the fun atmosphere of the cosplayers will be transmitted!   Maid ...

Cosplayer as characters in Japan cosplay festival .Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture, and a broader use of the term "cosplay", Osaka, Japan = shutterstock



Japanese Manga & Anime!! Best Attractions, Shops, Locations!

There are many popular animations and manga in Japan. If you are interested in animation and manga, why do not you go to related facilities and shops when traveling in Japan? I think that it is also interesting to visit the place where the big hit anime is located. On this page, I will introduce the related facilities, shops and locations of animation and manga in Japan. Best Anime Attractions and Shops Pretty cosplay girl showing angry face = AdobeStock J-WORLD Tokyo Shonen Jump Magazine in J-World, Ikebukuro, Tokyo = shutterstock J-World Tokyo is an indoor theme park where visitors can enjoy the world of boys' comic magazine "Jump" such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto. This theme park is located on the 3rd floor of Sunshine City · World Import Mart Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. When entering, a lot of characters appearing in cartoons of "jump" are displayed around. Beyond that there are various attractions that embody the world of One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto. You can also eat the original foods with various characters motif. At J - World Tokyo, of course, children are playing, but the adults may be playing the most happily. >> For details of J-World Tokyo, please refer to the official website   animate Ikebukuro, animate Akihabara Animate storefront covered with anime advertising posters, Akihabara, Tokyo = shutterstock animate is a specialty store chain that sells related goods of animation, manga, game. Although animate stores are located all around Japan, there are huge stores in Akihabara and Ikebukuro in ...

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