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Shinkansen bullet trains lined up at Torikai rail yard, Osaka, Japan =Shutterstock



Shinkansen (Bullet train)! Japan Pass, Ticket, Introduction of Trains

In the Japan, the network of Shinkansen (Bullet train) is spreading. The Shinkansen is a super express that exceeds 200 km/h. If you use the Shinkansen, you can move comfortably between the major cities of Japan very quickly. If you use an airplane, you have to go through the airport, so It takes time in surprising. In contrast, the Shinkansen travels between major stations, so you can travel very efficiently. You should enjoy riding the Shinkansen in Japan! Outline of Shinkansen network Clicking the image will display this Shinkansen map on the official website of Japan Rail Pass on a separate page How to book and purchase Shinkansen tickets Regarding shinkansen ticket reservation and purchase procedures, I introduced the details in the following article. Including the Japan Rail Pass, please refer to this article for details. Nozomi, Hikari, Kodama ... How different? The Shinkansen network consists of one long route that penetrates the Japanese archipelago and several routes branching from it. In Shinkansen routes, there are trains that only stop at major stations and trains that stop at each station. For example, on the Tokai Shinkansen connecting Tokyo and Osaka, there are "Nozomi" "Hikari" stops only at major stations and "Kodama" at each station. Every train, the vehicles used are almost the same. However, because the number of stations to stop is different, the time required will differ. The following are each stops on the Tokaido Shinkansen. In addition to the station where Nozomi stops, Hikari stops at some stations. Which station Hikari stops depends on ...




Transportation in Japan! Japan Rail Pass, Shinkansen, Airports etc.

When traveling in Japan you can move very efficiently by combining shinkansen (Bullet train), airplane, bus, taxi, car hire etc. If you add a Shinkansen ride to your itinerary, it will be a pleasant memory. In that case, purchasing "Japan Rail Pass" would be very reasonable. On this page, I will introduce an overview of them. This page is quite long. If you click the "show" button in each item, detailed hidden contents will be displayed. please take advantage of the table of contents.  You can return to the top by pressing the arrow button on the bottom right of this page. Japan Rail Pass Official website of "Japan Rail Pass". Click it and it will be displayed on a separate page Clicking the image will display this map on the official website of Japan Rail Pass on a separate page About If you plan to travel within Japan using JR trains such as Shinkansen, you may want to purchase "Japan Rail Pass" before departure. Japan Rail Pass (also commonly called JR Pass) is a very cost effective rail pass that JR offers for foreign tourists. You can ride a lot on JR 's Shinkansen and regular express etc. The price of Japan Rail Pass is, for example,  33,000 yen per person (7 days, Ordinary car type). In Japan, it takes about 28,000 yen for one person to go back and forth between Tokyo and Osaka at Shinkansen. If you use a lot of JR, Japan Rail Pass will become your very powerful "friend". Below is the ...

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