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How to book and buy tickets and tours in Japan! Sumo, Baseball, Concert, activities...

If you do not participate in a tour that acts with a big group and you travel freely with friends or family in Japan, how do you book and purchase tickets for sports competitions and concerts . Or how do you apply for tours such as activities? There are booking sites for tickets and tours in Japan, but most of them are written in Japanese. So, on this page, I would like to introduce you how to book various tickets and tours for your travel to Japan. You had better reserve popular tickets and tours before coming to Japan In Onuma Park, you can snowmobile and trek on the lake which froze in the winter Major reservation sites not supporting English In Japan, we reserve ticket booking sites such as "Lawson Ticket" "Ticket Pia" when reserving a ticket such as a concert. We can receive reservation tickets at nearby convenience store. These services are very useful. However, most of the ticket reservation sites currently do not correspond to English, Chinese, etc. In order to use these sites, Japanese ability is required. There are many reservation sites for tours such as mountain climbing in Japan, but many of these are only compatible with Japanese as well. You may face a Japanese barrier. If you are browsing various reservation sites in Japan before you go to Japan and you can not make a reservation by yourself, it is better to book early in the following way. Popular concerts, sports competitions, activity tours are highly likely to be ...

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Samurai & Ninja experience! 8 Best Recommended Spots in Japan

Recently, various facilities that can experience samurai and ninja are gaining popularity among foreign tourists who come to Japan. In Japan, studio shooting drama of Samurai era, etc. holds shows of the samurai everyday. At the places such as Iga and Koka where many ninja existed, weapons actually used by the ninja are exhibited and ninja shows are also held. On this page, I will introduce the facilities I recommend in particular. Samurai training in Japan = Shutterstock TOEI Kyoto Studio Park (Kyoto) The Toei movie village in Kyot ,Uzumasa.The demonstration which shows a duel between the samurais with a sword = shutterstock Toei is a major film production company in Japan. This movie company has produced a lot of movies in which Samurai and ninja are appearing. A part of the studio has been made public and has become a theme park. That is Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Toei Kyoto Studio Park has a shooting set of about 53,000 square meters, which reproduced the streets of Japan several hundred years ago. You can take a walk in this town. It is the world where samurai and ninja once lived. In this town, the actors who dressed up in sakurai will show off their performances. You can also participate in this show. At Toei Kyoto Studio Park, you can wear clothing such as samurai and geisha used for movie production. Reservation is required for using this service. You can become a samurai and you can stroll through the old Japanese town to your heart's content. ...

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Harmony of Tradition & Modernity (1) Tradition! Geisha, Kabuki, Sento, Izakaya, Kintsugi, Japanese swords ...

In Japan, a lot of traditional old things have remained. For example, they are temples and shrines. Or they are competitions such as Sumo, Kendo, Judo, Karate. There are lots of unique facilities such as public baths and pubs amongst the cities. In addition, there are various traditional rules in people's lifestyle. It is one of the major characteristics of Japanese people to respect tradition. On this page, I will introduce a part of those traditional ones. Traditional Japanese culture Geisha A Japanese geisha performs for a public event at a shrine in Kyoto = shutterstock Geisha is a woman who hospitals guest at the banquet by Japanese dance and Japanese songs. In modern Japan almost no longer exists, but still in Kyoto. In Kyoto, Geisha is called "Geiko". There are people who misunderstand the geisha as a woman selling herself. Geisha are quite different from women of that type. On the contrary, Geisha has acquired various cultures in addition to Japanese dance. They can entertain the wealthy guests with advanced education. "Maiko" is a young woman training in Kyoto, aiming at Geiko. They are in Gion. If you walk in the traditional street of Gion, you will be able to see those walking with beautiful kimonos. The performance of the Geiko is held like the above video in April every year. You can enjoy a wonderful stage there. Kabuki Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama which continues from the beginning of the 17th century. The person who created Kabuki was a legendary woman named ...

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