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Spring is approaching. White plum blossoms blooming in Tokyo, Japan. Next is the cherry blossoms!

Cherry Blossom Interests


2019 Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast: slightly earlier or same as usual

Today, I will introduce the cherry blossom forecast of 2019. It is now winter in Japan. However, in Tokyo, plum blossoms began to bloom first. I feel that spring is approaching gradually. Now, the Japanese are starting to feel excited, feeling spring is near. Cherry blossoms are expected to be a little earlier or the same as usual. Please also refer to the following articles for Japanese cherry blossoms.   Summary If you click on this image, the site of Japan Weather Association (in Japanese) will be displayed on a separate page According to the forecast released by the Japan Weather Association on February 7, the cherry blossoms will start flowering from Fukuoka and Kumamoto on March 19. It will flower in Nagasaki and Saga, Kochi on March 21, and Tokyo and Matsuyama on 22th. It will bloom in a wide range from west Japan to eastern Japan by the end of March. In Hokuriku, Nagano and Tohoku regions, there are many places to bloom from early April to mid-April. And on April 29th it will flower in Hakodate, Hokkaido. The forecast for each region announced by the Japan Weather Association is as follows. The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in about a week after blooming. You can enjoy cherry blossoms for about 10 days after flowering.   Kyushu Region: Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 Isshingyo Sakura Tree, Aso Kumamoto Japan = shutterstock Map of Kyushu = shutterstock Forecast flowering Average Year Fukuoka City March 19 March 23 Oita City March 24 March 24 Nagasaki ...

Climate & Weather in Japan



Climate and Yearly Weather in Japan! Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido etc.

When you visit Japan, how is the climate and the weather in Japan? On this page, I would like to introduce the climate and weather of Japan, including the features of each area. The climate of Japan is diverse Japan is an elongated archipelago extending 3000 kilometers north and south. It consists of 4 large islands and about 6,800 small islands. Climate is very different between northernmost Hokkaido and south Okinawa. Winter in Hokkaido is very cold, while Okinawa is relatively mild even in winter. The area where much snow falls in winter is the Japan Sea side of Hokkaido and the Japan Sea side of northern Honshu. Data : Japan Meteorological Agency Japan Meteorological Agency Japan Meteorological Agency   Winter weather : Snow on the Japan Sea side Heavy Snow Fall in Japan = Shutterstock Like the backbone of the archipelago, mountain ranges are long running. Because of this mountain range, the climate of the Pacific side of the Japanese archipelago and the Japan Sea side are greatly different. Every winter, in the area on the Japan Sea side of the Japanese archipelago, many clouds damp from the Sea of ​​Japan and come into collision with the mountains, snow falls often. Meanwhile, in the area on the Pacific side, clear weather will continue in winter. If you go to areas in the Sea of ​​Japan side in winter, especially Hokkaido and northern Honshu, you will be able to see the snow scene.   Japan's rainy season: around June A woman in traditional Japanese kimono ...

View of the Former Hokkaido Government Office in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Traveler take a photo at the Former Hokkaido Government Office in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in winter = Shutterstock



Sapporo! Best Things to do in winter, spring, summer, autumn

On this page, I will introduce recommended tourist spots and what to do when you travel to Sapporo in Hokkaido. In addition to the tourist spots I recommend during the year, I will explain the recommended spots and what to do in each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Best Things to do in Sapporo winter skyline view of Sapporo from the mountains at dusk = shutterstock JR Sapporo Station. There is a luxury hotel "JR tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo" one of the best in Sapporo above the station. Hotel guests can also enjoy natural hot springs Sapporo is the 5th largest city in Japan and capital of the northern island of Hokkaido. In less than two hundreds of years, Sapporo has enjoyed rapid growth from a settlement of only seven individuals to a thriving metropolis. In the language of the Ainu people, indigenous inhabitants of northern Japan, the word Sapporo means An essential river flowing through a plain. Today Sapporo is known for far more than its river. A snow festival is held yearly, and Sapporo is also famous for its ramen and beer. Travel to Sapporo by train is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Sapporo is distinctive in its rectangular road system, based on the North American style. This system will help you in getting to where you want to go using Sapporo's efficient public transport methods. The 3 lines all connect with JR Sapporo Station. As soon as you step off of your train, you'll be greeted by all ...

Snow wall, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Japan - Shutterstock



12 Best Snow Destinations in Japan: Shirakawago, Jigokudani, Niseko, Sapporo snow festival ...

On this page, I would like to introduce about the wonderful snow scene in Japan. There are many snow areas in Japan, so it is difficult to decide the best Snow Destinations. On this page, I summarized the best areas, mainly in places popular among foreign tourists. I will share it in three parts. (1) heavy snow areas such as Shirakawago and Jigokudan, (2) ski resorts such as Niseko and Hakuba, (3) representative winter festivals such as Sapporo Snow Festival and Yokote Snow Festival. If you are interested, please take a look. Best Sightseeing Spot in the Heavy Snow Area Shirakawago, Gokayama (Central Honshu) World Heritage Site Shirakawago village and Winter Illumination If you want to go to a particularly snowy area in Japan, you may want to go to the Sea of ​​Japan side or the mountain area. From December to March, moist air flows from the Sea of ​​Japan to the Japanese archipelago. Since there is a mountainous area in the center of the Japanese archipelago, damp air hits this mountainous area where snow clouds are born. In this way, the area on the Japan Sea side and the mountainous area are snowing much. Shirakawago and Gokayama, which I introduce here, are located in the mountainous areas of the Japan Sea side. A lot of snow falls in these villages every year. There are other areas with much snow, but these two villages still have traditional houses in heavy snow areas. The snow scenery where those houses remain is really beautiful. When comparing ...



Hokkaido! 21 Popular Tourist Areas and 10 Airports

Hokkaido is Japan's second largest island after Honshu. And it is the northernmost and the largest prefecture. Hokkaido is colder than other islands in Japan. Because the development by Japanese has been delayed, there is a vast and beautiful nature in Hokkaido. On this page, I will introduce the outline of Hokkaido. If you look through this long article to the very end, you can almost understand Hokkaido as a whole. If you have an area of your interest, look at the table of contents below and look at that area. Outline of Hokkaido A beautiful hill of Biei-cho, Hokkaido = Adobe Stock Map of Hokkaido Points Hokkaido, along with Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, is one of the four major islands that make up the Japanese archipelago. Like other Japanese islands, there are volcanoes in Hokkaido. So there are many spa resorts. If you go to Hokkaido, I especially recommend two things. First, why do not you enjoy the sightseeing of the unique cities of Hokkaido? There are beautiful cities representing Japan such as Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru. Those cities are also very famous for having many delicious foods such as sushi and ramen. Second, why do not you enjoy the amazing nature of Hokkaido? Hokkaido was not developed until the first half of the 20th century, so many wild nature is left. Flower fields and pastures built after that will also refresh your mind. Nature in Hokkaido changes beautifully according to the change of the four seasons. In winter you can enjoy winter sports with ...

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