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6 Best Shopping Places and 4 Recommended Brands in Japan

If you shop in Japan, you surely want to enjoy as much as possible at the best shopping places. You probably do not want to waste your time on shopping places that are not so good. So on this page, I will introduce you the best shopping places in Japan. Please know the best shopping places for each category such as department store, exclusive shopping district, outlet mall, Akihabara electric street etc Then, if you intend to buy the clothes you wear in Japan, you would like to shop efficiently at the reasonable and best brand store. So I will introduce the recommended brands to you. In addition, I also enumerate the wonderful shopping areas in the region, so please refer. 6 Best Shopping Places in Japan Isetan : The most popular department store in Japan The building of "Isetan" of a long-established department store is a symbol of the city = shutterstock If you want to enjoy shopping in department stores in Tokyo, I recommend you go to Isetan in Shinjuku. Isetan in Shinjuku is known as a shop where you can buy the most sophisticated products among department stores in Japan. There are also Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi and Mitsukoshi Ginza stores in Ginza as department stores with luxury goods. However, if you want to buy upscale and fashionable items, it is most efficient to go to the Isetan Shinjuku store. In the Isetan Shinjuku store, you can buy ladies 'clothes and ladies' accessories at the Isetan's main building. In the basement of the ...

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Best Things to do in Tokyo : Asakusa, Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Disney etc.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. While traditional culture still remains, contemporary innovation is constantly taking place. Please come and visit Tokyo and feel the energy. On this page, I will introduce tourist areas and sightseeing spots especially popular in Tokyo. This page is very long. If you read this page, you can check all major sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Please use the table of contents below to see the area of your interest. You can return to the top of this page by clicking the arrow button on the bottom right. I attached links to related articles, so if you have an area of your interest, please read related articles as well. >>Can you see the Mt. Fuji in the distance in the video below?<< Outline of Tokyo Map of Tokyo Route map of JR train If you come to Tokyo and see the landscape of Tokyo from the train or bus window, you may be surprised that it is a very vast city. The city of Tokyo continued to expand since the latter half of the 20th century and, as a result, it almost joined the surrounding cities such as Yokohama, Saitama and Chiba. As a result, the Tokyo metropolitan (mega city) centering on Tokyo is now born. The population of the Tokyo Metropolitan has reached approximately 35 million people. There is a network of JR (former state-owned railroad), private railways, subway in this megacity. Every train runs very accurately in seconds. People are actively living using these trains. If you come to ...

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