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How to book and buy tickets and tours in Japan! Sumo, Baseball, Concert, activities...

If you do not participate in a tour that acts with a big group and you travel freely with friends or family in Japan, how do you book and purchase tickets for sports competitions and concerts . Or how do you apply for tours such as activities? There are booking sites for tickets and tours in Japan, but most of them are written in Japanese. So, on this page, I would like to introduce you how to book various tickets and tours for your travel to Japan. You had better reserve popular tickets and tours before coming to Japan In Onuma Park, you can snowmobile and trek on the lake which froze in the winter Major reservation sites not supporting English In Japan, we reserve ticket booking sites such as "Lawson Ticket" "Ticket Pia" when reserving a ticket such as a concert. We can receive reservation tickets at nearby convenience store. These services are very useful. However, most of the ticket reservation sites currently do not correspond to English, Chinese, etc. In order to use these sites, Japanese ability is required. There are many reservation sites for tours such as mountain climbing in Japan, but many of these are only compatible with Japanese as well. You may face a Japanese barrier. If you are browsing various reservation sites in Japan before you go to Japan and you can not make a reservation by yourself, it is better to book early in the following way. Popular concerts, sports competitions, activity tours are highly likely to be ...

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Overview of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

On this page, I plan to introduce useful information when you watch the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. I will update this page sequentially, so please make use if you do not mind. For information about hotels and tickets, I will separately post new pages. I plan to deliver those pages sequentially from the spring of 2019. About the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 The 2020 Summer Olympics are planned to be held from 24 July - 9 August 2020 in Tokyo, Japan = shutterstock Schedule of Tokyo Olympics 2020 Tokyo Olympics Holding period and number of sports Friday, 24 July – Sunday 9 August 2020 Number of sports: 33 Release schedule of tickets From the spring of 2019 However, the release time will be slightly different depending on the country. Venue list The Tokyo Olympic Games will be held at more than 40 venues. In Tokyo, summer temperatures are very high, so many events to be held outdoors are scheduled to start early in the morning. The following list is the contents announced by "The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games". For details, please refer to the official website of this committee. No. Venue Name Sport/Discipline Olympic Stadium Opening and Closing Ceremonies Athletics Football Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Table Tennis Yoyogi National Stadium Handball Nippon Budokan Judo Karate Imperial Palace Garden Athletics (Race Walk) Tokyo International Forum Weightlifting Kokugikan Arena Boxing Equestrian Park Equestrian (Dressage, Eventing, Jumping) Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Badminton Modern Pentathlon (Fencing) Tokyo Stadium Football Rugby Modern Pentathlon (Swimming, Fencing, Riding, ...

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3 Exciting Sports Watching and 5 Activities Recommended in Japan! Sumo, Baseball, Winter Sports...

When you travel in Japan, watching Japanese sports or doing sports on your own is also interesting. On this page, I will introduce you to three exciting sports watches and five sports experiences. If you like sports, why not try these in Japan? Book tickets and tours before you leave! At first there is one thing I want to emphasize. That is the need for advance preparation. Sports competitions popular in Japan tickets are sold out quickly. Activity tours in the field are the same. The popular tours will soon be filled with reservations. So, as much as you can, you should reserve tickets and tours before departing from your country. As for this point, I explained in the following article, so if you are interested, please refer to the following article.   3 Most Exciting Sports Watching in Japan Sumo High rank sumo wrestlers line up with crowd in the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament = shutterstock The most popular competition among tourists visiting Japan is Grand Sumo wrestling. Sumo is a traditional Japanese sports, whose origin is in the Shinto ceremony. In Japan, sumo wrestling has been done for the gods at the shrine for a long time. Because of this aspect, even in modern times wrestlers follow traditional hairstyles and show off various traditional works before fighting. In Grand Sumo wrestling, two wrestlers fight in a circular ring of 4.55 m in diameter. If either wrestler comes out of the ring, that sumo wrestler is defeated. Even if either wrestler is pushed down ...

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Harmony of Tradition & Modernity (1) Tradition! Geisha, Kabuki, Sento, Izakaya, Kintsugi, Japanese swords ...

In Japan, a lot of traditional old things have remained. For example, they are temples and shrines. Or they are competitions such as Sumo, Kendo, Judo, Karate. There are lots of unique facilities such as public baths and pubs amongst the cities. In addition, there are various traditional rules in people's lifestyle. It is one of the major characteristics of Japanese people to respect tradition. On this page, I will introduce a part of those traditional ones. Traditional Japanese culture Geisha A Japanese geisha performs for a public event at a shrine in Kyoto = shutterstock Geisha is a woman who hospitals guest at the banquet by Japanese dance and Japanese songs. In modern Japan almost no longer exists, but still in Kyoto. In Kyoto, Geisha is called "Geiko". There are people who misunderstand the geisha as a woman selling herself. Geisha are quite different from women of that type. On the contrary, Geisha has acquired various cultures in addition to Japanese dance. They can entertain the wealthy guests with advanced education. "Maiko" is a young woman training in Kyoto, aiming at Geiko. They are in Gion. If you walk in the traditional street of Gion, you will be able to see those walking with beautiful kimonos. The performance of the Geiko is held like the above video in April every year. You can enjoy a wonderful stage there. Kabuki Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama which continues from the beginning of the 17th century. The person who created Kabuki was a legendary woman named ...

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