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Beppu Mountain Burning Festival= Shutterstock

Beppu Mountain Burning Festival= Shutterstock

Photos: Beppu (1) Beautifully shining hot spring resort

Beppu, located in the eastern part of Kyushu, is Japan's largest hot spring resort. When you visit Beppu, you'll first be surprised at the hot springs that spring up here and there. When you look out over the cityscape of Beppu from the hill, as you can see on this page, steam is rising everywhere. They are by no means a fire. At night, these steams illuminate and shine beautifully.

Beppu city night view = Shutterstock
Beppu! Enjoy at Japan's largest hot spring resort!

Beppu (別府), Oita Prefecture, is Japan's largest hot spring resort. If you want to fully enjoy Japanese hot springs, you might want to add Beppu to your itinerary. Beppu has a very large amount of hot water and there are various types of hot springs. In addition to the large public ...

Photos of Beppu

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Map of Beppu



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Minami-Tateishi Park with beautiful autumn leaves
Photos: Beppu (2) The beautiful changes of the four seasons!

Beppu, like many other tourist destinations in Japan, experiences seasonal changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The scenery around the hot spring changes beautifully according to the change of the season. In this page, I will introduce beautiful photos with the theme of four seasons. Table of ContentsPhotos of BeppuMap ...

Many tourists See the blue hot spring water. Call Umii jigoku (Sea hell) That has smoke all the time Is a hot spring that has mineral cobalt = Shutterstock
Photos: Beppu (3) Let's visit various Hells (Jigoku)

The most popular tourist spots in Beppu are the "Hells "(Jigoku= 地獄). In Beppu, large natural hot springs from ancient times are called "Hells" because their scenery is like hell. There are many types of hot springs in Beppu, so the colors of the Hells are diverse. Enjoy those hellish photos ...

Magnificent view from the open-air bath "Tanayu" at the Suginoi Hotel, Beppu, Japan
Photos: Beppu (4) Enjoy hot springs in various styles!

Beppu, Japan's largest hot spring resort, has various types of baths, from traditional communal baths to luxurious huge outdoor baths. On this page, enjoy the scenery with various baths! Table of ContentsPhotos of BeppuMap of Beppu Photos of Beppu Beppu hot spring baths   Beppu hot spring baths   Beppu hot ...


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