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Fundamentals! 11 basic information to know before traveling in Japan

First of all, I would like to introduce the fundamental things about Japan. For the following pages, I summarized the basic things about Japan. They are various basic information such as Japan time, money, climate, earthquake, annual event, SIM card, and Japanese. In addition, I have prepared articles to introduce about useful websites about Japan. If you do not mind, please visit these pages.

Do you know about Japanese language, currency etc?

When is the best season in Japan?

Best Time To Visit Japan
Best Time To Visit Japan! The best seasons for each purpose such as snow, cherry blossoms

When is the most suitable for traveling in Japan? The answer depends on what purpose you want to travel for. If you want to see the snowy scenery, I recommend you to go to Hokkaido, Tohoku region, Nagano prefecture, etc. from January to February. If you want to see the beautiful ...

What is secret strategy to overcome Japanese language barrier?

Japanese Language
Language! 3 things useful when talking to Japanese people

Many Japanese are not good at English. For this reason, it is said that people who came to Japan can not communicate well with Japanese people. Foreigners sometimes wonder to ask anyone when they get lost. When they go to a small town or village, they often can not tell what ...

How to exchange money / how to pay money

Japanese Currency
Japan's Currency! How to exchange money and how to pay money

I would like to explain about Japanese currency on this page. The Japanese currency is "Yen". On this page, the latest exchange rate list is listed, so please refer to it. I will also explain Japanese bank notes and coins. In addition, I would like to introduce the usage situation of ...

How to use SIM or pocket Wi-Fi in Japan

SIM Card vs. Pocket Wifi in Japan
SIM Card vs. Pocket Wifi Rental in Japan! Where can you buy or rent?

During your stay in Japan, you probably need a smartphone. How do you procure a smartphone? There are six possible choices. First, use roaming service. Second, utilize free Wi-Fi, carry your own smartphone even in Japan. Thirdly, subscribe to a paid Wi-Fi service. Fourth, insert a prepaid SIM card into your ...

What time is it in Japan now?

Japan Time Now
Japan time now! Time difference from your country

There is only one time zone in Japan. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Sendai, Nagano, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Okinawa are all at the same time. Furthermore, since there is no daylight saving time in Japan, it is not so difficult for you to know Japan time. Japan is now the below ...

Do you know about Japanese emperor and national flag?

Emperor of Japan and Japanese Flag
Emperor of Japan and Japanese Flag

When you travel in Japan, you may be able to enjoy deeper if you get basic information about Japanese history. So on this page, I will introduce the emperor deeply involved in Japanese history. In addition, I will briefly explain about the flag of Japan. Emperor of Japan View of the ...

Let's know about Japan's holidays

Raccoon dog sitting on grass = Shutterstock
Holidays in Japan! Tourist attractions are crowded in spring's Golden Week

There are 16 statutory holidays in Japan. If the holiday falls on Sunday, the most recent weekday (mostly Monday) after that will be a holiday. Japanese holidays are most concentrated in the week from the end of April to the beginning of May. This week is called "Golden Week". In addition, ...

It's fun to know the annual events in Japan!

Annual Events in Japan
Annual Events in Japan! New Year, Setsubun, Hanami, Obon, Christmas etc.

There are still many traditional annual events in Japan. Many Japanese celebrate these annual events with their families. Recently, many foreign tourists enjoying such events. In such an event, you will be able to observe Japanese life culture deeply. Let me introduce representative annual events. Table of Contents1 New Year events2 ...

The weather and climate in Japan vary according to the season

Climate & Weather in Japan
Climate and Yearly Weather in Japan! Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido etc.

When you visit Japan, how is the climate and the weather in Japan? On this page, I would like to introduce the climate and weather of Japan, including the features of each area. Table of Contents1 The climate of Japan is diverse2 Winter weather : Snow on the Japan Sea side3 ...

Let's know about natural disasters such as earthquakes

Earthquake & Volcanos in Japan
Earthquake & Volcanos in Japan

In Japan, earthquakes occur frequently, from small tremors not felt by the body to large fatal earthquakes. Many Japanese feel a sense of crisis not knowing when natural disasters will occur. Of course, the possibility of actually encountering a large natural disaster is very low. Most Japanese have been able to ...

Recommended Japanese related sites in English

Owl looking at a clock in a Akihabara owl cafe, Akihabara. Tokyo, Japan = Shutterstock
Recommended sites useful when preparing for your Japanese trip

On this page, I will introduce various websites related to Japan. I will update the site information from time to time. It would be nice if you could use it to gather information. The hotels, transportation, restaurants, and local related websites are summarized in detail by categories. Since there are links at ...


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