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Emperor of Japan and Japanese Flag

Dancing pair of Red-crowned crane with open wing in flight, with snow storm, Hokkaido, Japan

Emperor of Japan and Japanese Flag

When you travel in Japan, you may be able to enjoy deeper if you get basic information about Japanese history. So on this page, I will introduce the emperor deeply involved in Japanese history. In addition, I will briefly explain about the flag of Japan.

Emperor of Japan

View of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo. Japan = Shutterstock

View of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo. Japan = Shutterstock

Japan holds the Emperor System from ancient times. The emperor is called "Tenno". According to legend, the first emperor is Emperor Jinmu. It is said that Emperor Jinmu crowned around 660 BC, but it is not certain. Succession to the throne has been carried out by heredity for a long time.

In the old Constitution enacted in 1889, the Emperor was a sovereign. However, in the new Constitution enacted in 1946, the citizens became sovereign, and the Emperor became a "symbol". Today, the Royal Family, centering on the Emperor, is engaged in work as a symbol, such as attending domestic and international events.

The Royal Family carries out "Ippan Sanga" twice a year to greet the public at Tokyo's Imperial Palace. It is January 2 and December 23. At this time, so many citizens come to the Imperial Palace.

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Japanese Flag

Japanese flag

Japanese flag

The flag of Japan is "Hinomaru". A large red circle is drawn on a white background. The red circle represents the rising sun.

The Japanese have worshiped the sun for a long time. Because Japan is an agricultural country, the sun had a very big influence when raising crops. The ancient emperor regarded the sun as very important. It is said that Hinomaru was established around the 7th century.

When you came to Japan, please visit a convenience store. Various lunch boxes are sold at convenience stores. There are also boxed lunches like the one below. A red "Umeboshi" is on the white rice. "Umeboshi" is pickled ume fruits. Japanese people call these lunch boxes "Hinomaru Bento."

Hinomaru Bento

Hinomaru Bento

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