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How to enjoy Japanese Autumn! It is the best season for traveling!

If you are going to travel Japan in the fall, what kind of trip is the most fun? In Japan, is the most comfortable season in line with spring. The mountains of the Japanese archipelago are dyed red or yellow depending on colors. Agricultural crops are harvested in and delicious meals can be enjoyed. On this page, I would like to introduce recommended places if you are traveling in Japan.

Recommended for traveling in Japan in September, October, November

I gathered articles for each month on Japanese autumn. If you want to know such details, please look at the slide below and click the month you are planning to visit. If you want to know what kind of clothes the Japanese are wearing in autumn, I also wrote articles that introduced it, so visit the page if you do not mind.

Autumn foliage at Daisetsuzan mountain in Hokkaido, Japan = Shutterstock

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September in Japan: Beware of typhoons! Autumn gradually approaches

If you are going to travel in Japan in September, what kind of attention do you have? Then, where are the tourist spots recommended in Japan in September? On this page, I will introduce you useful information when you go to Japan in September. Table of Contents1 Information of Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido in September2 Let's always get the latest weather forecast3 Let's visit sightseeing spots such as temples and shrines4 In Hokkaido, you can enjoy both summer and autumn! Information of Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido in September If you plan on going to Tokyo, Osaka or Hokkaido in September, please click the image of the slider below and go to see more information. Let's always get the latest weather forecast A big wave strikes the Oarai Isosaki Shrine shrine located on the coast when a typhoon comes = AdobeStock If you go to Japan in September, please try to always get the latest weather forecast. The weather in September is changing severely. There are many rainy days in September. In addition, the typhoon often attacks. If a typhoon seems to come on the day you move in Japan, please consider changing your itinerary as soon as possible. As typhoons arrive, many trains and planes will not move. You can not move. Should you encounter such a situation, please make a reservation for a nearby hotel before it becomes full.   Let's visit sightseeing spots such as temples and shrines Women in kimono walking at Red Torii gates in Fushimi Inari shrine, one of famous landmarks in ...

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Shirogane Blue Pond in Biei, Hokkaido island in Japan. Autumn in Hokkaido, Japan. Beautiful green blue water with dead trees = Adobe Stock

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October in Japan! Autumn leaves start from the mountain area!

If you are going to travel in Japan in October, what kind of sightseeing spot is the best? From October to November every year, Japan will have full-fledged autumn. If you want to enjoy the beautiful , since have not begun so much in Kyoto and Nara, I recommend you to visit a little cold areas such as Hokkaido and the Tohoku region. On the other hand, Kyoto and Nara are still not as crowded as in November, so I think you can enjoy comfortable sightseeing. Information of Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido in October If you plan on going to Tokyo, Osaka or Hokkaido in October, please click the image of the slider below and go to see more information.   Enjoy at Hokkaido or highlands in Honshu The ginkgo street in fall season in Hokkaido University Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan on 26 October 2016 = shutterstock If you want to go to see authentic in October, I recommend you go to Hokkaido or highlands in Honshu. Major cities in Mainland, such as Tokyo, do not have much autumn tints yet in October. On the other hand, Hokkaido (including urban areas such as Sapporo) and highlands in Honshu are reaching their peaks in autumn in October. It can be said that there are 2 kinds of viewing spots of in October. The first is sightseeing spots in mountainous areas such as Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido and Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture. In these spots, you can see the scenery ...

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Kyoto, Japan at Kiyomizu-dera Temple during autumn season = Shutterstock

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November in Japan! The best and comfortable tourist season!

I think that November is the best season to travel around Japan. You can see beautiful autumn leaves in major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima. You can enjoy amazing scenery at temples and shrines. Especially from mid-November to late, I think that it's fun just walking along a tree-lined street and a park. However, because it is the best season, everywhere is crowded with tourists. It would be better to organize your itinerary with that in mind. On this page, I will introduce useful information when you travel Japan in November. Information of Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido in November If you plan on going to Tokyo, Osaka or Hokkaido in November, please click the image of the slider below and go to see more information.   In November, famous tourist destinations in Japan are crowded everywhere Typical view of busy street in central of the town at twilight. November 3, 2014 Kyoto, Japan = shutterstock In November, temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara are surrounded by autumnal leaves and become as beautiful as in the world of paintings. In November, the weather in Japan is stable nationwide and there are many sunny days. The air is not moist like the summer, and you can travel comfortably. November is just the best season of sightseeing. Both domestic tourists and foreign tourists are very numerous in November. Therefore, if you are going to travel Japan this time, I think it will be a pain to get hotel reservations here and there. There are many subways ...

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Autumn Wear in Japan! What should you wear during the autumn in Japan?

If you are going to travel Japan in autumn, what kind of clothes should you prepare? Even if it is autumn, clothes are quite different depending on whether it is September, October or November. On this page, I will introduce the Japanese autumn clothes with concrete photos. Please refer to it when you prepare for your trip. Clothing to prepare depends on what month you travel Autumn is the transition period from hot summer to cold winter. In the autumn, it will gradually get colder, so your clothes will be quite different depending on what month you will travel. If you travel in the first half of September, the climate of Japan is still pretty summer. Many Japanese are still wearing short-sleeved shirts during this period. However, as rainy days increase, typhoons also come, so there are chilly days. People who wear coat such as cardigans, mainly women, will gradually increase. In the latter half of September, the cooler days will gradually increase. Many people wear autumn clothes, beginning with young women who are interested in autumn fashion. In October, few people wear short-sleeved shirts, except for Okinawa and others. Tourists visiting autumnal leaves in Hokkaido or highlands in Honshu will wear jackets, jumpers and so on so that they will be OK even in cold weather. In the first half of November, most people will wear jackets, jumpers and so on. In the latter half of November, the winter is much closer. People who wear coats also increase much in urban areas. On the ...

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Traditional cities such as Kyoto and Nara are beautiful

If you are considering traveling in Japan in the fall, I recommend you go to a traditional city like Kyoto or Nara first. There are many temples and shrines in such a town. Many of these sights are more beautiful in autumn in autumn. You will be able to refresh while you are walking around the temple and the shrine.

Komyoji Temple in the period of autumn leaves, Kyoto = AdobeStock

It is around the second half of November that autumn leaves can be seen in major Japanese cities. At that time especially in Kyoto, domestic and foreign tourists come and the famous shrines and temples are very crowded everywhere.

If you want to walk in autumn leaves calmly during this time, you'd better leave the hotel early in the morning if possible. Besides, it would be better not to go to only famous temples. You might as well add  locations with less tourists to your route

It may not be able to see the bright scenery like the one in the above picture at an earlier time. However, because there are relatively few tourists, you will be able to sightseeing calmly.

Nara has few tourists compared with Kyoto. You will quietly be able to walk with autumn leaves and shrines.

There are many other traditional cities in Japan as well. For example, cities such as Kanazawa in the central part of Honshu and Matsue in Western Honshu are a bit smaller, but they are recommended tourist spots to refresh your mind.

It is also recommended to go to see the autumn leaves of the mountains

Kumoba Pond in autumn leaves period, Karuizawa = AdobeStock

In autumn, the mountains of Japan are colored red or yellow by autumn leaves. The highlands such as Hakuba, Kamikochi and Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture are beautiful in autumn leaves from late September to late October.

There are many places where you can easily go from Tokyo to such highlands. For example, you can go to Karuizawa in 1 hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo.

Even in Hakuba where more authentic mountains rise, you can easily go to the beautiful mountains by riding the gondola and lift from the center of Hakuba village.

Of course, when you go to the mountains, please try to collect detailed information on weather etc.

In autumn, I think you can spend really comfortable in Japan. Autumn is the most suitable for visiting various sightseeing spots in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as trying various sports. Please come and experience the fall of Japan!

I appreciate you reading to the end.


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