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Autumn woman drinking coffee under fall foliage = Shutterstock

Autumn woman drinking coffee under fall foliage = Shutterstock

Tokyo Weather in October! Temperature and precipitation

If you are planning to travel in in October, that is a wonderful thing, I strongly agree. in October is comfortable. You can travel around various sights. On this page, I am. I will explain the in in September.

Weather in Tokyo in October (overview)

There are many days of good weather in October and the temperature is comfortable. Although it has a bit of rain compared with November to February, it is easy to spend, there is no doubt that it is an excursion season.

In early October, typhoons may still be attacked. You should beware of that. However, except for that, the weather in October is generally calm.

In the city center of Tokyo, the leaves have not begun so much yet. However, since leaves have not begun, there are not many tourists yet compared to November. I feel that it is October that the traveler can travel the most pleasantly.

If you want to see the autumn leaves in October, I recommend you to visit the mountains around Tokyo such as Mt. Takao, Hakone and Nikko.

The following is weather data of Tokyo in October announced by the Japan Weather Association. It seems that there was a little rain in 2017 compared to usual.


Tokyo weather in early October (2017)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)14.5
Minimum air temperature1. 2
Total precipitation4.5 mm
Fine weather ratio63 %


Tokyo weather in the middle of October (2017)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)29.0
Minimum air temperature9.9
Total precipitation134.5 mm
Fine weather ratio13 %


Tokyo weather in late October (2017)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)22.7
Minimum air temperature9.1
Total precipitation331.5 mm
Fine weather ratio32 %


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