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Takoyaki (a ball-shaped Japanese snack) shop always has a long customer queue = Shutterstock

Takoyaki (a ball-shaped Japanese snack) shop always has a long customer queue = Shutterstock

Osaka Weather in September! Temperature and precipitation

will become cooler in September. You will be able to enjoy sightseeing spots happily. However, rainy days will increase in September. There is a risk that a typhoon will come, so please try to obtain the latest forecast. On this page, I will explain the in Osaka in September.

Weather in Osaka in September (overview)

The weather in Osaka is almost the same as other major cities in Honshu such as Tokyo. In September, the hot summer is over and the cool days are gradually increasing. In early September, there are days when the maximum temperature is about 35 degrees, but it will become cooler in mid September. In late September it will be cooler and more people will wear long-sleeved shirts.

I used to live in Osaka before. It was too hot in August, so I did not like going to the city center. However, it will be much easier to spend in September, and there are memories that I went to play at Osaka Castle Park as well.

In September, Japanese children finish their summer vacation and school begins. So, on weekdays the sights are relatively vacant.

However, in September many typhoons come to Japan every year. Osaka may also hit directly. When a typhoon comes, you can not walk because wind is strong. Trains and planes will of course not work.

Even if you come to Osaka at that time, you probably will not be fun. So please make sure the weather forecast whether typhoons will come before you come to Japan. Even after coming to Japan, please get the latest weather forecast. If you are likely to be affected by the typhoon, I would recommend changing your itinerary.

Below is the meteorological data of Osaka in September released by Japan Meteorological Agency. please refer.


Osaka weather in early September (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)34.1
Minimum air temperature20.9
Total precipitation171.5 mm
Fine weather ratio24%


Osaka weather in the middle of September (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)30.9
Minimum air temperature19.2
Total precipitation33.0 mm
Fine weather ratio27%


Osaka weather in late September (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)29.2
Minimum air temperature16.3
Total precipitation167.5 mm
Fine weather ratio23%


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