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People waiting to cross Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo in a rainy day = Shutterstock

People waiting to cross Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo in a rainy day = Shutterstock

Tokyo Weather in September! Temperature and precipitation

If you are going to visit in September, you will be worried about information in in September. In September the temperature gets a little lower, which makes it easier to spend. However, in September may also be attacked by typhoons. On this page, I will explain about the weather in in September.

Weather in Tokyo in September (overview)

Early September, Tokyo will be cooler than August, but it is still a little hot. Because the temperature may exceed 30 degrees Celsius, please be careful about the heat.

It will be cooler in the middle of September, and we feel has come. In late September, we will be able to spend mostly comfortably. However, rain often falls.

There is something you have to pay special attention to in September. That is the typhoon's attack.

Every year Japan receives numerous typhoon raids in September. In recent years, typhoons rarely hit Tokyo, but they are often influenced by heavy rain and wind storms. If you stay in Tokyo at such time, your trip will be greatly affected. Please note this in September.


Tokyo weather in early September (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)33.0
Minimum air temperature20.7
Total precipitation79.0 mm
Fine weather ratio32 %


Tokyo weather in the middle of September (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)31.2
Minimum air temperature15.4
Total precipitation133.0 mm
Fine weather ratio27 %


Tokyo weather in late September (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)28.6
Minimum air temperature14.1
Total precipitation153.0 mm
Fine weather ratio18 %


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