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The woman who reads a book under the cherry tree = Shutterstock

The woman who reads a book under the cherry tree = Shutterstock

Tokyo Weather in April! Temperature and precipitation

If you go to in April, I think that it will be a pleasant trip. It is the best season of sightseeing that is lined with October and November. Based on the data released by the Japan Association, I will introduce what kind of is Tokyo in this period.

Weather in Tokyo in April (overview)

After late March, the temperature in Tokyo will rise at a stretch. In April, there are days when the maximum temperature exceeds 25 degrees. It's warm, so you will no longer see people wearing a coat in the city.

However, there are days when it gets cold at night. Therefore, if you go to see cherry blossoms at night, take a coat or a jumper.

It is not about March in April, but it sometimes rains. You may as well as put an umbrella in your suitcase.

Sometimes it feels hot in late April. In the town, people with a quick heart will wear short sleeve clothes. Every time it rains, the leaves of the trees grow up and the beautiful fresh green season comes.


Tokyo weather in early April (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)26.2
Minimum air temperature  5.5
Total precipitation1.0 mm
Fine weather ratio59 %


Tokyo weather in the middle of April (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)26.4
Minimum air temperature10.2
Total precipitation49.5 mm
Fine weather ratio42 %


Tokyo weather in late April (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)28.3
Minimum air temperature12.8
Total precipitation58.5 mm
Fine weather ratio54%


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