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People cross the street in front of Osaka train station in Osaka, Japan = Shutterstock

People cross the street in front of Osaka train station in Osaka, Japan = Shutterstock

Osaka Weather in June! Temperature and precipitation

If you stay in in June, please do not forget your umbrella. In June, will enter the rainy season for about a month like other major Honshu cities such as Tokyo. On this page, I will explain the of June in Osaka.

Weather in Osaka in June (overview)

The weather in Osaka is roughly the same as other major cities in Honshu such as Tokyo. It rains a lot in June and a sultry day continues. But, sometimes it gets cold, so if you are not good at cold, please bring clothes such as cardigans.

Previously, it was not so strong rain in June. However, as with other cities in Osaka recently, it is likely to rain considerably strongly. For this reason, please get the latest weather forecast through TV and the Internet.

It is such weather in June, so there are not so many tourists compared to April and May. So, you may be able to enter relatively easily even famous sightseeing spots which ordinarily need to line up for a long time to enter.

Even on rainy days, if rain is not so strong, Osaka Castle, temples and shrines are surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere. Surely, you will be able to enjoy it thoroughly.

Below is the weather data of Osaka in June which the Japan Weather Association announced. please refer.


Osaka weather in early June (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)30,2
Minimum air temperature15.8
Total precipitation83.5 mm
Fine weather ratio47%


Osaka weather in the middle of June (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)28.5
Minimum air temperature16.2
Total precipitation67.5 mm
Fine weather ratio34%


Osaka weather in late June (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)33.6
Minimum air temperature19.3
Total precipitation41.0 mm
Fine weather ratio44%


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