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A man using shovel to removes snow and clear the road after snowfall, hakodate, Japan = Shutterstock

A man using shovel to removes snow and clear the road after snowfall, hakodate, Japan = Shutterstock

Hokkaido Weather in December! Temperature and precipitation

If you plan to go to in December, you will be wondering how cold it is. So, on this page, I will explain about the in in December. is much colder than Tokyo and Osaka. In the area on the side of the Sea of Japan, snow falls often. So, please do not forget coat, muffler etc.

Weather in Hokkaido in December (overview)

Temperatures in Hokkaido are not likely to exceed 10 degrees Celsius even during the day in December. In the middle of the night and dawn, the temperature is often around 10 degrees below freezing. It is really cold. In areas close to the Sea of ​​Japan, the clouds flowing from the Sea of ​​Japan will snow a lot. Below, I added the meteorological data of December Hokkaido released by Japan Meteorological Agency. Please make yourself useful.

If you plan to move from Tokyo or Osaka to Hokkaido, you will be surprised that it will be extremely cold when you get to Hokkaido. In Tokyo, if you have a coat, you can walk through the city. However, in Hokkaido, you can not prevent the cold just by the coat. I propose three measures to you.

First, besides the coat, you may want to bring a muffler, hat and gloves of yarn. You also need warm underwear. Recently, new products warmer than ordinary underwear are increasing. For example, "Heat Tech" released by UNIQLO uses materials that absorb moisture and generate heat. You should prepare a variety of warm clothes.

Secondly, it would be nice to take measures to prevent you slipping on snow when walking outside. It is best to prepare snow boots. Snow boots are sold at most shoe stores in Hokkaido. You can buy even in Tokyo and Osaka if it is . If you are going to walk with ordinary shoes, I recommend that you wear anti-slip instruments on the sole of the shoe. For example, it is a product as follows. I think that these are sold also at New Chitose International Airport etc. in Hokkaido.

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Thirdly, I think that in Sapporo, you should make good use of the underground shopping center. In Sapporo, the underground shopping center has developed. You can go from the Sapporo station to the main sightseeing area simply by walking down the underground shopping mall if you care. If the snow is falling and the wind is strong, you should try walking down the underground shopping area without forcing you to walk outside.

Below is the meteorological data of Hokkaido in December announced by Japan Meteorological Agency.

Hokkaido weather in early December (2017)

Maximum temperature (Celsius) 2.8 5.4   5.1
Minimum air temperature-9.0-7.8-13.3
Total snowfall amount 52 cm 47 cm 17 cm
Fine weather ratio 39% 39% 76%


Hokkaido weather in the middle of December (2017)

Maximum temperature (Celsius) 7.2 7.7 3.0
Minimum air temperature-8.2-7.3-12.9
Total snowfall amount 19 cm 78 cm 5 cm
Fine weather ratio 29% 25% 50%


Hokkaido weather in late December (2017)

Maximum temperature (Celsius) 8.8 8.9  7.8
Minimum air temperature-7.7-7.9-11.0
Total snowfall amount 31 cm 30 cm --
Fine weather ratio 23% 30% 67%


I appreciate you reading to the end.



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