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Snow sculpture at Sapporo Snow Festival site on February in Sapporo, Hokkaido, japan. The Festival is held annually at Sapporo Odori Park = Shutterstock

Snow sculpture at Sapporo Snow Festival site on February in Sapporo, Hokkaido, japan. The Festival is held annually at Sapporo Odori Park = Shutterstock

Hokkaido Weather in February! Temperature and precipitation

In February, a lot of festivals are held in , including the Sapporo Snow Festival. For this reason, there are so many people going to at this time. However, in February is very cold. If you plan to travel in February, please do not forget to take measures against cold. On this page, I will explain the of in February.

Weather in Hokkaido in February (overview)

The weather of Hokkaido is completely different from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc. It is better to think that the temperature is about 10 degrees lower. In the western part of Hokkaido there are not as many as mountainous areas in Honshu but snow falls a lot. Clouds damp from the Sea of ​​Japan will come and let the snow fall.

Although the area on the east side of Hokkaido has less snow than the west side, it is not unusual for the temperature to fall below freezing below 10 degrees. It is very cold, so please do not forget measures against cold.

Regarding measures, I wrote it at the beginning of the page below. If you do not mind, please take a look at that page. If you plan on going to see the winter festival such as the Sapporo Snow Festival, you will probably walk outdoors a lot. Since the frozen road surface is very slippery, I recommend you to put non-slip instruments on shoes in particular.

A man using shovel to removes snow and clear the road after snowfall, hakodate, Japan = Shutterstock
Hokkaido Weather in December! Temperature and precipitation

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In the winter, what kind of clothes to wear in Japan, I summarized the reference information on the next page. If you like, please refer.

Winter Wear in Japan! What should you wear?

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Hokkaido weather in early February (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)  3.2 4.2 2.7
Minimum air temperature-11.1-9.5-14.0
ToTotal snowfall amount 13 cm 52 cm12 cm
Fine weather ratio 41% 28%48%

Hokkaido weather in the middle of February (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)  2.0  2.8  4.5
Minimum air temperature-10.2-10.1-16.9
Total snowfall amount 46 cm 77 cm 14 cm
Fine weather ratio 27% 22% 73%

Hokkaido weather in late February (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)  4.4  4.1  2.9
Minimum air temperature-10.4-11.9-15.7
Total snowfall amount 19 cm 14 cm  2 cm
Fine weather ratio 53% 53% 84%


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