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The red brick former Hokkaido Government office is popular tourist destination. Featured here day scene of the attraction during winter with snow = Shutterstock

The red brick former Hokkaido Government office is popular tourist destination. Featured here day scene of the attraction during winter with snow = Shutterstock

Hokkaido Weather in January! Temperature and precipitation

On this page, I will explain about the in in January. If you travel in in January, please do not forget to take measures against cold. In the west side of , the clouds coming from the Sea of Japan will snow and so much snow is piled up. On the east side of , snow does not fall as far as the west side. However, the temperature sometimes falls below freezing point 10 degrees. Please be careful.

Weather in Hokkaido in January (overview)

In January the temperature does not often exceed 5 degrees Celsius even during the day. Midnight and dawn are below freezing point 10 degrees.

Snow falls often in western cities such as Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru and Asahikawa. Previously, I was walking in the wilderness on the outskirts of Sapporo during this time and I was about to be buried in the snow.

Mountainous areas in the center of Hokkaido are closed by snow. Because the temperature is low, snow may shine like a jewel called diamond dust. Previously, I went into the mountain to see the diamond dust, I was surprised because it was too cold.

The city in the east side of Hokkaido, the temperature drops considerably. In the northern city of Abashiri, the temperature may fall to as low as 20 degrees below freezing. Before, I was blown by a strong wind coming from the sea at the cliff of the outskirts of Abashiri, the body really cooled down. People who live in Abashiri say that it was much colder in the past. It seems that it has become somewhat warmer recently due to global warming. Still it's really cold, so please be careful.

I wrote about cold measures on the following page. If you are interested, please also look at that page.

A man using shovel to removes snow and clear the road after snowfall, hakodate, Japan = Shutterstock
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Below is the meteorological data of Hokkaido in January released by Japan Meteorological Agency.


Hokkaido weather in early January (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius) 5.9 6.9  5.7
Minimum air temperature-4.0-5.7-11.8
Total snowfall amount 54 cm 18 cm 6 cm
Fine weather ratio 20% 28% 48%


Hokkaido weather in the middle of January (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius) 3.4 6.3  3.7
Minimum air temperature-8.7-9.8-13.4
Total snowfall amount 47 cm 48 cm  6 cm
Fine weather ratio 40% 35% 61%


Hokkaido weather in late January (2018)

Maximum temperature (Celsius)  1.7  3.5  1.7
Minimum air temperature-12.7-13.7-14.6
Total snowfall amount 46 cm 65 cm  7 cm
Fine weather ratio 32% 34% 71%


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